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Tribute to Marianne Ware


Tribute to Marianne Ware

On Saturday, July 24, friends and family of the marvelous Miz M, Marianne Ware, gathered at the Sebastopol Community Center to remember her life, her loves, her jokes, and her many talents. Marianne was one of the founders of the Redwood Writers’ Guild, a “red diaper” left-wing Jewish momma, a poet of extraordinary honesty and grace, and a gifted teacher whose critical intellect, open-heartedness, and unconventionality reached many, especially those whose marginality may have left them feeling outside the academic mainstream. She passed away on June 21 of complications due to diabetes. She was 74 years old.

Marianne published poetry, fiction and non-fiction in more than a hundred literary magazines, anthologies and tabloids, most recently, her short story collection The Meaning of Water, described in the Sonoma County in Print page for August 1, 2010, and also online at Marianne also taught English and Creative Writing at Sonoma State and Santa Rosa Junior College.

Her long-time friend Maureen Hurley has collaborated with others in the literary community to remember Marianne through individual reflections and photographs at this blogsite:

Please visit the blog to read more tributes to Marianne’s life, examples of her poetry and prose, and to contribute your own memory of Marianne.

Click here for a more complete biography.


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