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The Literary Update is a compilation of announcements from members of the Sonoma County literary community about workshops, readings, ongoing literary and writing groups, calls for submissions, and contests. Events should be primarily literary in nature, and should be located in, or within an hour’s drive of, Sonoma County.

We aim to make the monthly updates as inclusive as possible. If you have a workshop, event, contest, or call for submission to announce to the Sonoma County literary community, please send it as an e-mail message by noon on the last day of each calendar month. Any notices received after this deadline will not be included in the e-mail issue, but will be added to the website and/or the next month’s Literary Update, if still relevant.

For those who regularly announce their workshops, readings, or services here, a donation of $10 to $20/year is requested to keep the update and its website going. Donations from regular readers are welcome, too. For details contact the editor Jo-Anne Rosen at

Here are the basic guidelines for announcements.

  1. Email your announcement to Include the words “Literary Update” in your subject heading.
  2. Also consider sending your announcement to Poetry Flash and the Sonoma Arts Council to make sure your announcement reaches the broadest possible audience.
    For inclusion in Poetry Flash’s calendar of events for the North Bay, write to:
    Sonoma Arts Council Literary Events Postings:
  3. Make sure your announcement is concise, carefully proofread, and copy-edited. Also keep in mind that we can only include announcements that are plain text and presented in the e-mail message (no flyers, PDF’s, or attachments with special formatting please). Retyping text and reformatting special fonts from flyers takes time, sometimes causes errors, and may result in announcements being left out of the Update.
  4. If you have an event or workshop you want included in the monthly calendar, as well as listed in another category of the Update, please include an abbreviated version of your announcement in the following format: Day, Date, Time: Event title, featured authors, cost (if any), location, contact information. Do include links to web pages with more detailed descriptions. Do not send us links to web pages unless they are relevant to the event being listed.
  5. For all other announcements, suggest the specific category or Update page(s) where you’d like your news placed. These are listed here:
  • County-Wide Literary News (general interest announcements)
  • Sonoma County in Print (new books/chapbooks/CDs by Sonoma County writers)
  • Call for Submissions (local literary journals, magazines, contests)
  • Sonoma County Workshop Leaders (e-mail and website contacts)
  • Upcoming Workshops  (current workshops you are offering)
  • Conferences and Retreats
  • Writers’ Connections (invitations to join groups, formal or informal)
  • Ongoing Writers’ Groups and Open Mic Readings
  • Directory of Sonoma County Writers

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  2. […] How To Send Announcements to the Literary Update […]

  3. […] How To Send Announcements to the Literary Update […]

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