Laureate Archive 2022-2024

July 2022

Dear Friends,


Here is an introduction to my theme for the coming two years: Being Brave.

When we are courageous, it has something to do with the heart. And poetry most often arises from the heart. These days we need courage in almost every part of our lives. We have to be brave in facing the uncertain future of the climate. We have to be brave about the possibility of fire. We have to be brave to protect others who are more vulnerable. It takes courage to apologize, and it takes courage to try again when we fail. We see leaders who are courageous, and we witness courage around us every day in tiny moments we hardly notice. If we you look for them, what will we see?

I invite you to look at your own hidden courage. What are you being brave about right now in your life? I invite you to make and to find and to share Being Brave poems. Email them to friends. Host a Being Brave Garden Gathering and read these poems to each other. Ask your library or community center or school or church to host a reading of Being Brave Poems where you talk about what it means to have the courage to stand up for what is right, to fight injustice, to be a better person, to sacrifice to make a better world. We have so much to learn from each other!

When you gather for a Being Brave poetry reading and conversation, please let me know. And let me know if as your Poet Laureate I can help to bring about such an event.

Elizabeth Carothers Herron
Sonoma County Poet Laureate 2022-2024


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