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February 2019

The Good Work of the Seasons

Maya Khosla

The Legacy Project continues — with the sounds of rain and poetry! On the afternoon of January 13th, a bright afternoon between rain events, several Sonoma writers got together to read and to hear others at Pepperwood Preserve’s Dwight Center Gallery. The poetry was intense and powerful. The film project is beginning to take shape

More readings will follow — there’s one planned for April 28th at the Sitting Room Community Library. With a little more than another full year as Sonoma’s poet laureate, I continue to invite people to attend or be a part of the reading series. It’s become a habit. Spontaneously, I answer questions with:

What I’m doing? I’m working on the Legacy Project, a series of gatherings and filmed poetry readings that began with responses to the 2017 Sonoma Fires. Given time, the themes have broadened naturally. Some poems focus on healing and renewal at personal or landscape levels (or both), some reflect on the fires; still others venture beyond those themes. Do attend one or more of the events* …

Legacy Project

The Legacy Project collage shows a growing number of voices that are a part of the reading series…

Annadel State Park

A glimpse of Annadel State Park

On a related note, we’re stepping out into the field on February 23rd. The Petaluma Arts Center is offering a field-based program called From the Land to the Page. Beginning with an introduction at the Petaluma Arts Center, we will take off — bound for Annadel State Park. The park and neighboring lands are experiencing an astonishing level of post-fire renewal — giving us a chance to understand the way they have been shaped by rain, wind and fire since long before the dinosaurs. Scores of trees with fire scars are leafing out, while the standing dead trees support nests and dining areas for birds and other animals. All will be invited to absorb the landscape, pen down their thoughts and share them in a supportive environment.

*The Sitting Room Community Library is sponsoring many of the upcoming events — a big thank-you to the library!

Best wishes,
Maya Khosla
Poet Laureate, Sonoma County (2018-2020)



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