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September 2018

Note how the Summer Light Turns

Maya KhoslaSo much of this year has been full of new beginnings. If you have a moment, stop and think about one snapshot. It could be a photo you took with your phone or camera, or it could be in an image that has remained with you. You might have been in a rush, but for some reason that moment, that image, was important. And you hoped to keep in mind.

Consider the details of that image and take a moment to write about it. Perhaps you can simply create a short sketch in words, a sketch that expresses just a few details of that image. Or perhaps it can go a little beyond that moment – how you felt, why it was important, who else was present, and who was absent. There’s no pressure here – the minute you put yourself under pressure to write is the minute the words tend to escape like so much water in a stream. So begin small and simple, just a few words to celebrate that image. Your lines don’t have to follow any rules – just as long as they recapture that moment…

Maya Khosla
Poet Laureate, Sonoma County (2018-2020)

California buckeye, sprouting after the 2017 wildfires

California buckeye, sprouting after the 2017 wildfires. Photo taken on Jan 3 2018.

KRCB TV Sonoma fire update




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