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November 2018

The Beginning of a Poetry Series

Maya KhoslaThe month of October 2018, one year after the October 2017 fires, was marked by many moments of silence, commemorations, poetry, music, and art events across Sonoma County. On October 14th many writers gathered at Pepperwood Preserve to read from their work dealing with the evacuations, the losses, the luck, and major realizations.* It was the beginning of a poetry reading series that will continue through 2019 and will broaden to include formal readings, informal gatherings, and walks through lands advancing through the stages of rejuvenation — the oaks, bays, redwoods, the chaparral plants and wildflowers and wildlife – even black bears — making a comeback (http://radio.krcb.org/post/filmmaker-and-poet-brings-art-fires).

Related to making a comeback, I would be pleased if you could join me for Poetry for a Changing Landscape in Fairfield Osborn Preserve on Sunday November 11th (https://conta.cc/2ofJ3Eo; please scroll down to the final event and click on Sunday, November 11th) And there’s one more informal gathering for the fall at the Sitting Room on November 29th, 4-6 pm (http://www.sittingroom.org/events.html; please scroll down to the final event). I’m delighted so many have gained from our fall 2018 gatherings – more are being planned!

For the future readings on January 13th 2019 (Pepperwood Preserve**), the end of April 2019 (The Sitting Room) and other future readings, I am hoping to gently shift the focus towards healing and renewal at both personal and landscape levels. My hope is that the readings can progress thematically over time. With permissions from poets, the readings will be filmed so I can begin to create a film featuring Sonoma poets. Do let me know if you’d like to participate.

Maya Khosla
Poet Laureate, Sonoma County (2018-2020)

* ”Rising from the Ashes: The Heart of Poetry,” a gathering held at Sebastopol Center for the Arts a month after the October 2017 Wine Country Fires, inspired me to continue with a reading series, a gathering places for poets and their audiences. Over 20 people walked up to share their poems, music, scratch-notes, thoughts gathered in the haste of a moment. “Rising from the Ashes” was sponsored Word Temple, and organized by 2016-2018 Poet Laureate Iris Jamahl Dunkle, and by Terry Ehret, Katherine Hastings, Larry Robinson, 100 Thousand Poets for Change, and the Poet Laureate Selection Committee.

** Pepperwood Preserve in the News:


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