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April 2020

Poetry can come in without knocking on the door

Maya Khosla

Red rice warms a bowl
steam rises like pale flowers
Searching for the light.

Most of us are spending our time indoors, our plans and readings, classes and programs postponed or cancelled. Or online. Real connections are on a shelf, virtual connections are replacing all. Waking up, texting friends, commuting to work at a desk a few steps away, perhaps adding another commute of a few more steps to the kitchen table…

And yet it’s April, poetry month — and there are ways to draw from the real connections left on that shelf, maybe one small picture at a time — maybe with haiku.

Poetry can come in without knocking on the door. This month, the Academy of American Poets is giving you dozens of ways to celebrate poetry from home . AlsoCalifornia Poets in the Schools is offering you workshops from teachers all over the state; the New York Times has compiled a collection of learning promptsDo take a look – you may just find one that speaks to you in a way nothing else does…

California poppies and blue-eyed grass —
one year after the 2017 wildfires in Pepperwood Preserve

Well, yes, I know you are already spending a lot of time on the screen, but if you decide to take one of the poetry offerings and write one in your notebook or elsewhere, do send me word about your creations. Haiku is so small, you can easily write one on your phone! OK, I am not encouraging you to spend more time on your phone – but it may serve you.

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Maya Khosla
Sonoma Poet Laureate (2018-2020)


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