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September 2022

ElizHerron-reverseFollowing the very moving reading given by Phyllis Meshulam, Phyllis crowned me with laurels, which I am now wearing, whether you see it or not, as I lope along in my new role as your Poet Laureate.

Many thanks to the Sebastopol Center for the Arts for hosting the event to a full house.

I was also wearing a beautiful lei brought to me by my family from Hawaii, which caused someone to joke that I was wearing the new poet’s lariat along with my laurel crown.

A semi-circle of past Poets Laureate on-stage supported first Phyllis and then me through the ceremonial changing of the post, followed by a reception that included two beautiful cakes, one with a welcome message to me as the new Poet Gloriat. While there was some speculation at the time about this possible ‘misspelling,’ I was charmed by the word play; I hope you were too.

During the ceremony I introduced my Being Brave Poetry Project, and during the reception answered questions about it and encouraged interested people to contact me later. I have subsequently received at least five invitations to present the Being Brave Poetry Workshop, the first of which is scheduled for November 14th when Brendan and I return from our annual vacation trek north. That first workshop will be for the Burbank Community.

I will offer the workshop, or some variation of it, wherever I am invited to do so. So please keep that in mind and spread the word.

I am also taking the names of individuals who would like to be in a workshop but are not part of any specific huddle or herd so I can put together a group especially  for creative stragglers.

Forgive my imagery this morning. I woke with a half-gibberish poem about the cow who jumped over the moon. So I’ll stop now and before the adult demands of the day carry me off, and go back to the other side of night where I left the cow singing to the stars.

May each of you be blessed. May the world’s leaders be blessed. May we find our way to peace with poetry.

Elizabeth Carothers Herron
Sonoma County Poet Laureate 2022-2024


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