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Sonoma County Writers Published in 2011

Catharine Bramkamp — In Good Faith

In Good FaithWrite Life Press, 2011

When Allison Little, Real Estate Diva discovers a mauled body in a brand new listing, she sincerely hopes this won’t be about her. But the murder is about her: the murder threatens her clients, her best friend Carrie, and her almost boyfriend, Ben. Allison isn’t fond of the holidays in the best of years, but with tumbling home prices, tumbling bodies, suspicious non-profits and a headless ex-wife, she’s ready to pack it in for warmer climate and far fewer renditions of jingle bells. To sell the house, Allison must find the killer, save her friend, and comfort her boyfriend. Who knew Black Friday could be so damn bloody?

Catharine Bramkamp — Ammonia Sunrise

Ammonia SunriseFinishing Line Press, 2011. Poetry collection.

Catharine Bramkamp’s poetry speaks to life as it is lived in 21st. Century America, with all its foibles, its grief and its comic twists. Readers will recognize themselves in their yearnings, their fears and in the absurdities of modern day culture. But they will come away somehow with a perspective grounded in hope and humor. This is a great read.
— Hank Mattimore author of Grandpa to a Children’s Village

Ed Coletti — When Hearts Outlive Minds

When Hearts Outlive MindsFrom Lawrence DiStasi’s Amazon review: “In this collection of his poetry, Coletti tends to concentrate on elegy, probably because the book is shot through with memories of his father’s decline and death. The poems are contemplative but not heavy, sad but not saddening as they mull over the inevitable passage of time, our power and us with a lightness of touch that reminds in some ways of his paintings. Coletti’s is a way of thinking and writing that can lament loss while simultaneously reminding us of its defining role in the rhythm of life. Here, for one example, is the poem, “Befriending Death.”

As with death himself
I too sit close
to my father—
death all too close
I breathe hot to his cold
jealous we must share
my father, me exhaling,
death inhaling
No contest,
just a rhythm

When Hearts Outlive Minds (Conflux, August 2011) is available at Copperfield’s Books in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol, Amazon.com, and through the author edcoletti@sbcglobal.net .

Stefanie Freele — Feeding Strays

Feeding Strays by Stefanie FreeleStefanie Freele is the author of the short story collection Feeding Strays (Lost Horse Press), a finalist in the John Gardner Binghamton University Fiction Award and the Book of the Year Award. She is just ending her 2011/2012 role as the Healdsburg Literary Laureate. Stefanie’s published and forthcoming fiction can be found in Glimmer Train, Sou’wester, The Florida Review, American Literary Review, Night Train, Whitefish Review, Necessary Fiction, Pank, and Word Riot. Stefanie is the Fiction Editor of the Los Angeles Review.

Stefanie’s second collection, Surrounded by Water, will be published by Press 53 in 2012 and will include the Glimmer Train Fiction Open Award Winning story “While Surrounded by Water” and the Pushcart Prize nominated story “Pozniejszy.”

She has an Master of Fine Arts from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts: Whidbey Writers Workshop.

Feeding Strays is available to order here: www.stefaniefreele.com
Or, available on Amazon.com and in local bookstores.

One of her recent stories, “Keeping Track of Insects” can be found here: http://www.literarymama.com/fiction/archives/2011/11/keeping-track-of-insects.html

Eric Johnson — Iota Quarterly

DingbatmanEric Johnson of Iota Press publishes a small letterpress quarterly with eight pages of recent experiment with metal type and graphics in the print shop. Each one is distinct but for the shape. The first was wordless, a sampling of geometric letterform prints called kaleidograms. The second was a stirring tale from Farflungland — the saga of Dingbatman. Number three was the Farflungland Review, a literary magazine reflecting another dimension of that odd culture. The fourth issue, Pre-occupation, is a collection of graphic poems — line drawings made into plates for letterpress, and printed on art paper. The Winter 2012 issue of Iota Quarterly is a long illustrated poem called “Knight’s Air Rant.”

Next year will likely see a few returns to Farflungland, and some new work unforeseen. The format will be consistent, so they could be bound up as a collection.

Consider subscribing to the Quarterly for is $30 a year (four issues). Back issues are $10 each. Either visit the website where you can use paypal or a credit card…

Or, send a check to:
Iota Press
925-c Gravenstein Hwy. S.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Pat Nolan — On The Road To Las Cruces

On the Road to Las Cruces (cover)Being A Novel Account of The Last Day In The Life of A Legendary Western Lawman

In late February of 1908, a one-time drover, buffalo hunter, saloon owner, hog farmer, peach grower, horse rancher, US Customs inspector, private investigator, county sheriff, and Deputy US Marshal set out from his adobe home on the mesa above Organ, New Mexico and accompanied a young man in a black buggy on the journey to Las Cruces.  He would never arrive.  This is the story of that journey, a novel account of the last day in the life of a legendary lawman.

On The Road To Las Cruces is a work of fiction tethered loosely to historical fact.  It is as much a retelling of some history as it is how such a retelling might come about, and is represented in the manner of a tall tale, the deadpan details of a crime story, melodrama, and a conspiracy to murder.

Pre-order and get free shipping nuallainhousepublishers@gmail.com. November, 2011 ~ $16.99 ~ 154 pages ~ paper ~ 978-0-9840310-1-6

Kate Farrell, Editor — Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughters’ Memories of Mother

Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughters' Memories of MotherIntroductions by Amber Lea Starfire and Carryn Mirriam-Goldberg. Discover the hidden legacies of daughter-mother wisdom. Chosen from a worldwide diversity of backgrounds, women of many generations speak their truths about mother. Stunning in their authenticity, these twenty-five personal narratives deepen our understanding of the profound heritage between mother and daughter. In voices that range from poignant whispers to bright humor, we hear timeless universals about mothering.

Length: 200 pp
Price: Paperback $14.99, eBook, $2.99
ISBN: 978-1-58832-217-3
Publisher: Unlimited Publishing LLC. Available on Amazon.

Bart Schneider — Morning Opera

Morning Opera is a book of desires lost, desires found, equal parts ode and elegy. There is a lightness of touch here reflected in the short lines which ring like pings on crystal, but beneath the lightness, a darkness presides. Ancestry has its say, but so, too, does the sharp tang of the present moment. There is a mystery at the heart of things, this book whispers to us over and over in many different ways. And at the heart of the mystery there is a music which Bart Schneider has found a way to make a home for in these poems.” —Jim Moore

Bart Schneider grew up in San Francisco. He recently returned to the Bay Area after spending 25 years in Minnesota, where he was the founding editor of Hungry Mind Review and Speakeasy magazine. He is the author of a poetry collection, Water for a Stranger, and four novels, Blue Bossa, Secret Love, Beautiful Inez, and Man in the Blizzard. His new novel, Nameless Dame, will appear in March 2012.

To order Morning Opera and for details about Kelly’s Cove Press, visit the website www.kellyscovepress.com.

Mike Tuggle — What Lures the Foxes

“In his new volume of poems, What Lures the Foxes, Mike Tuggle writes about summer and winter, the sun and the rain, owl, deer, dogs, wood rats, and rac- coons. He sees the human connections to both the animal and the plant worlds and at times sees the world through the eyes of a fox or a crow. After reading these poems you know they’ve been handcrafted, then held like a rock or a flower before being released into the world. This book is for lovers of Tuggle’s poetry and for those who love nature.” —Jonah Raskin

Mike Tuggle has lived in Cazadero in western Sonoma County since 1981. He was the recipient of a Sonoma Community Foundation Award in poetry, a Dickens Award in fiction, and the Oberon Poetry Prize. He is the author of Cazadero Poems, a chapbook with the poet Susan Kennedy, and two full-length collections, Absolute Elsewhere and The Singing Itself. He was the poet laureate of Sonoma County for 2008–2009.

To order What Lures the Foxes and for details about Kelly’s Cove Press, visit the website www.kellyscovepress.com.

Terry Ehret — Night Sky Journey

Night Sky Journey begins with an invocation to the voices of creation, lodged inside ancient carved stones, and ends with a sequence of sonnets inspired by Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.  Framed by these landscapes, the poems move through many worlds: real, remembered, and imagined. In the garden, the dead step easily into the autumn air, a brass doorknob in Paris holds a parallel world, the letters of the alphabet turn back into cryptic images, and the Time Lady goes on “shaving the edge off eternity in ten-second increments.”At the same time, the poems are very much of this world, rich in memory and sensual pleasures, rooted in personal history and the vastness of geological time.

For information about Terry Ehret’s readings, workshops, and publications, visit www.terryehret.com.

Kelly’s Cove Press, Berkeley, CA

To order Night Sky Journey and for details about Kelly’s Cove Press, visit the website www.kellyscovepress.com.

VintageVoices: The Sound of a Thousand-Leaves / Cynthia Helen Beecher, editorRedwood Writers — Vintage Voices: The Sound of a Thousand Leaves

Vintage Voices: The Sound of a Thousand Leaves anthologizes works by members of Redwood Writers. Edited by Cynthia Helen Beecher, these collected stories, essays, and poems reveal our human connection through common experiences, a connection that rises from the page and touches the reader’s consciousness. Over 65 works represent the whimsical, alarming, funny, and sincere elements of life. Like leaves tumbling down, spent from deep roots, these stories and poems resonate with the beauty and startling present moments of life. Book launch party on September 18 (RSVP required: lindareid100@sbcglobal.net). Available at the book launch, the Sonoma County Book Festival (Redwood Writers booth), and online at https://www.createspace.com/3651006.

Katherine Hastings, Editor — What Redwoods Know: Poems from California State Parks

photo of redwood canopyWhat Redwoods Know — Poems from California State Parks is a love song to a number of parks that are slated for permanent closure as well as a call to arms. The lungs of this great state are being dissected as if we could do without them. The opening lines of Francisco X. Alarcón’s poem, “Trees are Poets,” couldn’t say it better:

around here
trees are
in fall
they turn

With complete closure of these parks scheduled for September 2012, fall will indeed find us all heavy hearted. The book features poems by Francisco Alarcón, David Beckman, Janine Canan, Ed Coletti, Iris Jamahl Dunkle, Katherine Hastings, Jodi Hottel, Susan Kelly-Dewitt, Paula Koneazny, Gail Larrick, Hannah Maggiora, Phyllis Meshulam, Lee Slonimsky and Robert Sward.  $10. For ordering information contact Katherine Hastings at khastings@wordtemple.com or the individual poets. 100% of proceeds are donated to the California State Parks Foundation.

Donna L. Emerson: Wild Mercy

Wild Mercy by Donna L. EmersonFinishing Line Press announces the publication of Wild Mercy, a chapbook by Donna L. Emerson. Since this is a limited edition collection, you may order now to reserve a copy. Order on-line at www.finishinglinepress.com. Click on “Pre-order Forthcoming Titles,” then scroll down alphabetically to Emerson. Or send a check for $14.00 per copy plus $1.49 shipping to: Finishing Line Press, PO Box 1626, Georgetown, KY 40324.

“WILD MERCY is nature and family — a dovetail of relationships that merge and separate: girlhood to parenthood, to the frailties of age, and hospital rooms. Emerson’s poetry awakens our memories of family, experience, loss. The first horse ride, a late pregnancy, an old barn, a river and a dance with I.V. in tow. Liberally sprinkled with unexpected images, these are lovely poems to savor and then read again.”
— CB Follett, author of And Freddie Was My Darling

H. B. Reid — Nikita Khrushchev Waved to Me: Encounters With Fame

Nikita Khrushchev Waved at Me: Encounters With Fame / H.B. ReidThe memoir of a man whose life crossed paths with a number of familiar faces.

“From beginning to end, Nikita is witty, compassionate, clever and wise. It seems like magic that a series of anecdotes can describe a life, in this case, a charmed life. Harry Reid, though he’d be the last to say so, knew from an early age how to live on this planet. Take a spin with him. You have everything to gain.”
— Dan Coshnear, author of  Jobs and Other Preoccupations

214 pages, ISBN: 978-1461009689, $12.00. This book may be purchased at: www.createspace.com/3558019. Or contact the author: harryreid100@sbcglobal.net

Patrice Warrender: The View from Here

Iota Press is pleased to announce publication of a first poetry chapbook by Sebastopol poet and artist, Patrice Warrender. The View from Here is a collection of poems that range from the poignant – a child about to leave home – to the wild beauty of coyotes yipping and yowling on a summer night, to outrage that “someone must pack up a life and run…” Patrice’s work has been published in various literary journals, including The Baltimore Review, The Chaffin Journal, flashquake, Poem, Poetica, RUNES Review of Poetry, and Present at the Creation Anthology. She is the 2009 winner of The Baltimore Review Poetry Prize. The View from Here, a joint effort between printer and poet, is a hand-made letterpress book printed on Mohawk Superfine paper, hand-stitched and bound in a numbered limited edition of 100.

The book and two excerpts can be viewed at www.iotapress.com where it can be purchased via PayPal or credit card for $15 plus $2 shipping. It is also available by check made out to: Iota Press, 925-C Gravenstein Hwy.,  Sebastopol, CA 95472

Renée Owen, featured in A New Resonance 7

Renee OwenRenée Owen is one of eighteen poets featured in the new release from Red Moon Press — A New Resonance 7: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku, edited by Jim Kacian and Dee Evetts. This perfect softbound, 186-page book is the seventh volume in a “best of” series that has won the Haiku Society of America’s Merit Book Award in each of its previous issues. New Resonance poets have won innumerable contests and many are recognized among the leaders of literary haiku around the world. A limited number of copies are now available from Renée for the discounted price of $10 + S & H (list price is $17), including handmade bookmark, at reneeowen@sbcglobal.net.

ISBN: 978-1-936848-00-3, 186 pages, 5.5″ x 8.25″; perfect softbound, $10 (+ S & H)

Laura McHale Holland: Reversible Skirt

Reversible Skirt: Memoir by Laura McHale Holland (photo of 3 girls superimposed over mother's photo)When the mother of three little girls commits suicide, their father wants more than anything to keep his family together. He remarries in haste and tells his daughters his new wife is their mother. The youngest, Laura, believes her mother must have gone through a kind of magical transformation. Reversible Skirt is written from Laura’s perspective as a child sifting through remnants of her mother’s existence and struggling to fit into a community where her family’s strict rules are not the norm. When Laura’s father dies, her stepmother grows increasingly abusive, which propels Laura and her sisters into a lasting alliance. Their father’s wish that they stay together comes true, although not in the way he’d imagined.  Reversible Skirt, ISBN 978-0-9829365-0-4, is published by Wordforest of Rohnert Park, Calif., a micropublisher founded by the author. The book is printed in the United States by Lightning Source and distributed by The Ingram Group. Ordering information at http://lauramchaleholland.com

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