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If you are a Sonoma County writer with a book or chapbook newly published, let’s help you celebrate! Just send your announcement to Book announcements are posted in the order received.

Include a book front cover image (jpg), brief book description, and information on how your readers can find out more about you and your work or order a copy. Please send this announcement as plain text, preferably in an email (no flyers, pdfs or docs with special formatting).  The most recent announcements are posted at the top of the page.

Your announcement will appear in its entirety in the emailed version of the Update for the month it is posted. Subsequently, authors’ names will be listed in the emailed Update with links to this page.

Archived pages of books in print may be viewed here for 2010, 2011, 2012, 20132014201520162017 and 2018.

Sonoma County writers published in local, national, and international literary journals or anthologies will be recognized here as well. If you have a publication in a literary journal or anthology (within the last 30 days) you’d like to announce, send the following information to Your name, title of the piece, name of the journal and date of publication (issue/volume), link to journal’s or publisher’s website (if available). This list of journal publications will be posted monthly and archived.

Sonoma County Writers Published in Periodicals

During December 2018 (and earlier), the following local authors reported their work has recently been published in journals, magazines or anthologies, both print and electronic. The links to periodicals are mainly for your information and do not always go to the poem or story itself. Unless specified otherwise, the works are poems. For an archive of previous publications in periodicals, click HERE.

No authors reported publications in January 2019.

Dan Coshnear:
“Early Onset,” Narrative Story of the Week, December 16, 2018 (fiction)

Donna Emerson:
“If I Die First,” Existere-Journal of Arts and Literature, December 2018

Karen Pierce Gonzalez:
“Adorning the Night,” Visual Verse, Vol. 06, Chap 02, December 2018 (flash fiction)

Renée Owen (a few earlier publications were omitted from previous Updates):
“It Hardly Computes” and “The Sea Lion,” Haibun Today, Dec. 2018, Vol.12, no. 4
“Door to the Temple,” Frogpond, 41.3, 2018
“borderless days,” “where sea meets desire,” “white butterflies,” and “deep in the magnolias,”
 California Quarterly, vol. 44, #3 (2018 Summer)
“in his eyes,”Acorn #41 (Fall 2018)
“To Know a Place,” Contemporary Haibun Online, October 2018, vol. 14.3
“curve of a fawn’s hooves,” Mariposa, 39, 2018

Jo-Anne Rosen:
“Crossing Borders,” Valparaiso Fiction Review, Vol. 8, Issue 1, December 2018 (fiction)


New and Noted Books by Sonoma County Writers in 2019

Ed Coletti— Apollo Blue’s Harp and the Gods of Song

Apollo BlueBlue's Harp And The God's of SongApollo Blue’s Harp and the Gods of Song takes off from Coletti’s chap book Jazz Gods (from eight years ago) and adds further poems with musical themes including rock, classical, blues, and much more Jazz. It is a full-length collection and includes a character, Apollo Blue, who is a Southern blues harp player who’s crossed paths with, and taught licks to, such as Dylan and Lennon. Apollo Blue is not omnipresent here but does show up from time to time and at significant moments. The book is divided into thematic sections each introduced by an applicable triolet. Apollo Blue’s Harp and the Gods of Song has gone through a long and convoluted publishing history, has been eagerly anticipated by a wide audience, and will be published during February 2019 (available through Amazon).

Ayin Weaver— Souls of Viridian

Souls of Viridian by Ayin WeaverAYIN WEAVER’s second novel: SOULS OF VIRIDIAN. A NEW VISIONARY NOVEL filled with suspense, intrigue and mysticism.

Diverse characters from 15th century Italy, 18th century France,  20th century America and beyond, all have something in common. What could it be? How are they related? Lesbians, gay men and heterosexual characters fill the pages of this novel,portraying courage in the face of prejudice, love in the face of fear… and magic in the face of superstition.

Ayin’s first novel Bleed Through and Souls of Viridian  are both available NOW at amazon and at local bookstores.

From Roberta Teller , at Wise Women Storytime (KOWS radio):

“I invite you to hear how a most curious and synchronistic story helped plant the seeds for this new novel by Ayin Weaver. Meet some of the ordinary and yet extraordinary characters and get a glimpse into the heart and soul of this mystery.”

You can listen to the show at

Books by Sonoma County Authors Published in 2018

For details, see

  • Beverly Lanzetta—The Monk Within
  • Pat Nolan—the thousand marvels of every moment, a tanka collection
  • Barbara L. Baer—The Last Devadasi: A Novel
  • Guy Biderman—Soundings and Fathoms
  • Ron Thomas—I Want to Walk You Home
  • Tom Walsh—Novus Diem
  • Marlene Cullen, editor—The Write Spot: Reflections
  • Lum Franco—Backward Glance
  • Ransom Stephens—The 99% Solution
  • Jo Lauer—It’s In The Ink
  • Susanna Janssen—Wordstruck
  • Jeane Slone—She Was A WW II Photographer Behind Enemy Lines
  • Redwood Writers 2018 Poetry Anthology—Phoenix: Out of Silence … and then
  • Marlene Cullen, editor—The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Connections
  • Sandra Anfang—Road Worrier: Poems of the Inner and Outer Landscape
  • Joanell Serra—The Vines We Planted
  • Pat Nolan—SO MUCH: Handwritten Typewriter 1969-1989, Selected Poems Volume I
  • Patty Somlo—Hairway to Heaven Stories
  • Tim Jollymore—Lake Stories and Other Tales
  • Patricia V. Davis—Spells & Oregano: Book II in The Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy
  • Jolynn J. Lauer—Second Floor, Front
  • Gini Grossenbacher—Madam of My Heart
  • Roger G.—The Warriors of Harvey House: An Experiment in Recovery
  • Donna Emerson—The Place of Our Meeting

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