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Sonoma County Writers Published in Periodicals

During winter/spring 2018, the following local authors report their work has been or will be published or honored in journals, magazines or anthologies, both print and electronic. The links to periodicals are mainly for your information and do not always go to the poem or story itself. Unless specified otherwise, the works are poems. For an archive of previous publications in periodicals, click here.

Donna Emerson
“Who We Leave,” “Marin Art and Garden,” Weber: the Contemporary West, Kristin Jackson editor, Spring, 2018

Renée Owen
“Fledglings” in Contemporary Haibun Online, Nov. 2017, vol. 13, no. 3
“Blue Ridge Nights” and “the holes” in Modern Haiku 49.1, 2018
“wind rippling” in Never Ending Story: English-Chinese Haiku Butterfly Dream blog
“Transplants” in Haibun Today, Mar. 2018, Vol.12, no. 1

New and Noted Books by Sonoma County Writers in 2018

Tim Jollymore—Lake Stories and Other Tales

Lake Stories by Tim JollymoreOakland, California publisher, Finns Way Books, has launched long-time California resident and writer, Tim Jollymore’s short story and essay collection, Lake Stories and Other Tales. Like Jollymore’s travels, Lake Stories spans lake waters from California to Minnesota and places in between. He seeks out quiet adventures among lake people, who although common folk, live fully and poignantly in any state on that great universal lake. This is Jollymore’s 4th book and first story collection.

Lake Stories is available through Copperfield’s Books in all locations and the Ingram distribution system of independent book stores and on-line sources in ebook and paperback editions.

Jollymore, a writing teacher for 17 years, is a masters graduate in literature of the University of Minnesota.

Patricia V. Davis—Spells & Oregano: Book II in The Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy

Spells & OreganoA magical realism trilogy in which four diverse women, each harboring a tragic secret, meet on a food blogging site, bond over recipes, and decide on impulse to open a restaurant together aboard the historic, modern-day RMS Queen Mary. A ship that once a luxurious ocean liner, later used as a troop ship that outran Hitler’s U-boats, it is now permanently docked in Long Beach, California as a floating hotel and museum which Time magazine calls “one of the top ten most haunted places in the USA.”

Available in all fine bookshops, public libraries, and online at Editions available: paperback, library hardback, ebook (Kindle only)

Book I in the trilogy, Cooking for Ghosts, was nominated for a Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction.

Jolynn J. Lauer—Second Floor, Front

Second Floor, FrontSecond Floor, Front is a cross-over paranormal, psychic sleuth/cozy mystery. Think Long Island Medium meets Long Lost Family meets Miss Marple. Or perhaps a lesbian version of rear Window.

In her efforts to make sense of what she has witnessed in the crosswalk below her second-floor window, Marion, recently retired with too much time on her hands, hooks up with Amanda, also retired and known for closing cold cases for the local police using her psychic “gifts” along with her chutzpah.

Humor and tragedy vie for attention as they blend their oil-and-water styles.

Published by Solstice Publishing. The book is available through Amazon.

Gini Grossenbacher—Madam of My Heart

Madame of My HeartMadam of My Heart, new colorful historical fiction from former English teacher Gini Grossenbacher, illuminates the life of Brianna Baird, a madam in Gold Rush-era San Francisco based loosely on real madam Arabella “Belle” Cora. Once a nice Irish girl expecting a normal family life, Brianna gets seduced as a teenager and abandoned while pregnant. Brianna flees to New Orleans, where she lands work in a bordello as a seamstress and courtesan to a businessman and gambler. She and her lover negotiate for the freedom of the enslaved husband and son of her free African-American maid and they accompany her as she follows him to California, where she becomes a successful, well-known madam, first in Sonora and then in San Francisco. But a murder accusation against her companion drives them from their new home as he faces the noose.

[Gini Grossenbacher] absorbingly limns the various cities Brianna inhabits, from New Orleans and its “web of Creole cottages, chaotic marketplaces, and secretive balconies, simmering outside her window,” to the rowdy atmosphere of frontier-era San Francisco. The occasional marvelous metaphor will surprise readers, as when “the truth hit Brianna like a badly aimed bowling pin.” —Kirkus Reviews

A graduate of Lewis and Clark College, Gini Grossenbacher is a respected creative writing coach and activist for literacy and has developed an award-winning curriculum to teach literature and language arts in public and private schools throughout northern California. She has also done post graduate work in European history and Italian literature in ancient Perugia. A forensic historian, she seeks to uncover the lives of women whose stories have gone untold amidst the narratives great cities tell about their founding.

Book can be purchased at

Roger G.—The Warriors of Harvey House: An Experiment in Recovery

The Warriors of Harvey HouseThe Warriors of Harvey House is a true story that took place over forty years ago. Treatment programs, like the 28-day programs hadn’t been invented yet. Harvey House was an idea brought to fruition by a guy named Eddy. Roger G. was its co-founder. It was a crazy idea, but very effective. The book is about a very important time in the author’s life and the lives of many others. Though a quick and easy read, Warriors evokes strong feelings. Readers learn something about a world that only a few of us live in. Yet, it’s all around us. It’s called the world of recovery. If you are a veteran, you will especially enjoy reading Warriors, as the story is all about veterans.

The very prolific author of 14 books on recovery subjects that have sold several million copies, Dr. Claudia Black, called this book, “captivating and powerful.”

Available on Amazon, Copperfield’s Books at Santa Rosa, and by order from Barnes and Noble.

Books by Sonoma County Authors Published in 2017

For details, see

  • Kenneth Nugent—Petaluma Slough (A Novel)
  • Natalie Korman—Heliotropics
  • Pat Nolan—Exile In Paradise
  • Iris Jamahl Dunkle—Interrupted Geographies
  • Jonah Raskin—Dark Land, Dark Mirror
  • Barbara L. Baer—The Ballet Lover
  • Skye Blaine—Unleashed
  • Eve Goldberg—Hollywood Hang Ten
  • Donna Emerson—The Place of Our Meeting
  • The Write Spot Anthology: Discoveries, edited by Marlene Cullen
  • 2017 Redwood Writers Anthology—Sonoma: Stories of a region and its people
  • Janis Lasky Couvreux — Sail Cowabunga! A Family’s Ten Years at Sea
  • Tom Walsh—Bless Me Father
  • Jodi Hottel — Voyeur, Poems
  • Phyllis Meshulam — Land of My Father’s War, Poems
  • The Sitting Room’s 2017 anthology — The Need to Read! Or My BLF, My Best Literary Friend
  • Kay Mehl Miller—Ring Around Reality: A Novel
  • Anne Cummings Jacopetti—What Are We Going to Learn Today? How All Children Can Become Enthusiastic Lifelong Learners
  • Peg Alford Pursell—Show Her a Flower, A Bird, A Shadow
  • Jonah Raskin—No Walls Now: New Poems for the Trump Era
  • Gary Brandt—The Vault Apocalyptia
  • Joan Frank—All the News I Need
  • Raphael Block—Strings of Shining Silence: Earth-Love Poems
  • Jean Wong — Hurtling Jade and Other Tales of Personal Folly

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