2019 SoCo Writers in Print

Sonoma County Writers Published in 2019

Donna Emerson—Beside the Well

Beside the Well, Poems by Donna EmersonCherry Grove Collections published this collection of fifty-two poems in December 2019. Rooted in her family homestead in western New York, poet Donna Emerson takes us from wells, woods, meadows, horses, family and strangers, to music, ocean and earth in her current California. In plainspoken diction, narrative and lyric styles, the poet records memorable, time-stopping moments of intimacy.

“When Donna Emerson’s Grandpa introduces her to his simple well in his field, she feels ‘important, let in on a secret. A mystery in the middle of the ground.’ Indeed, many of the sensory-rich poems in Beside the Well spill over with secrets, taking us to places we’ve never seen but that are so well described we feel we know them. These poems sing with experience.”
Iris Jamahl Dunkle, author of Interrupted Geographies, 2018, Poet Laureate Emerita, Sonoma County

ISBN: 978-1625493286, 126 pages, $20.00
Order from Amazon 
Sample poems may be read at: www.cherry-grove.com/emerson.html

Marlene Cullen, editor—The Write Spot: Possibilities

The Write Spot: PossibilitiesThe Write Spot: Possibilities, the fifth book in The Write Spot series, is a mixture of playful, experimental, insightful stories as well as prompts, resources, and words of encouragement for writers. Part anthology, part craft book, Possibilities is a welcome addition to any reader or writer’s bookshelf.

The Resource section includes information on how to do freewrites, visualizations to inspire writing, how to improve writing, and how to trust the writing process, as well as links to online writing classes.

Contributing writers: Donna Briggs, Marlene Cullen, Kathy Guthormsen, Karen Handyside Ely, Nancy Julien Kopp, Lynn Levy, Tom McCarthy, Patricia Morris, Ron Salisbury, Pam Swanson, Susan Paige Tillett, and Barbara Toboni.

Available at Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma, and on Amazon in print and ebook format.
M. Cullen Enterprises, 2019
ISBN: 978-1941066386 
148 pages, perfect bound, 6.0 x 9.0 inches
$15.00, paperback; $3.49, Kindle

Trula Michaels LaCalle—Helen’s Crusade

Helen's CrusadeEat Pray Love meets Wild meets Out of Africa, Helen’s Crusade is a courageous story of an ambitious woman seeking and finding her true self.” – Jane Doughty.

Stuck in a deteriorating marriage with an ineffectual and apathetic husband, Helen tries with wavering success to fulfill her father’s last wish: to re-develop the wild chinchilla population. A radical animal rights group, an internal mole, and a mysterious, handsome, and worldly European all distract Helen and threaten to derail her plans. Yet, beneath her father’s last hope, Helen’s own dreams and desires re-awaken and emerge. Will Helen fulfill her father’s wishes? Can her marriage withstand external temptations and sexual desire? Can Helen follow her own heart by bravely putting herself first?

LaCalle’s novel draws from observations made during her careers as an educator, clinical psychologist, organizational development consultant, and nonprofit executive director. The novel is set in California locations where she has lived and South American countries she has visited. She incorporates Spanish, her second language in some of her characters’ dialogue.

Available on Amazon.

Dr. Carla Marie Manly—Aging Joyfully

Aging Joyfully Aging Joyfully is a road map for a gratitude-filled journey of aging—one that leads to greater awareness and appreciation of the joys and opportunities awaiting within each day. Psychologist and holistic wellness expert Dr. Carla Marie Manly provides an important and celebratory examination of the meaning of womanhood for those approaching 50 and beyond.

Aging Joyfully touches the sensitive reality of the transition from a life filled with new beginnings to the graceful process of embracing the joys and challenges of one’s later years. With a focus on making each day matter, Aging Joyfully guides the reader into creating a beautiful awareness and appreciation of the aging process. Aging Joyfully is a loving, supportive guide for a woman’s individual aging journey, yet it also lends itself to communal discovery within women’s workshops, book clubs, and support groups.

Aging Joyfully is available at all Copperfield’s Bookstores, Napa Bookmine and in the Book Passage stores, It is also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Janet Landman—Looking for Revolution, Finding Murder: The Crimes and Transformation of Katherine Ann Power

Looking for Revolution, Finding Murder. Janet LandmanKatherine Ann Power transformed herself in college into a violent revolutionary cum domestic terrorist. She drove the getaway car in a 1970 bank robbery in which a Boston police officer was murdered. Power went underground and was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list longer than any other woman in history. When she turned herself in twenty-three years after the crime, it was national front-page news. Looking for Revolution, Finding Murder chronicles, via exclusive interviews Landman conducted with her in prison, Power’s long, stumbling pilgrimage from good Catholic girl, to idealistic antiwar activist, to gun-toting revolutionary, to accomplice-to-murder, to longtime fugitive, to voluntary-but-defiant convict—and finally to something like redeemed.

Looking for Revolution, Finding Murder, both poetic and grounded in social science, is a meditation. It is also a thorough analysis of regret, forgiveness, idealism, and foolishness.”
—Sharon Lamb, Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston, and author of The Trouble with Blame: Victims, Perpetrators, and Responsibility

Looking for Revolution, Finding Murder can be ordered through your local independent bookstore, the publisher (https://paragonhouse.com/xcart/looking-for-revolution-finding-murder-the-crimes-and-transformation-of-katherine-ann-power.html), Barnesandnoble.com, Indiebooks, Amazon.

See also: www.janetlandman.com

Dani Burlison, Editor—All of Me: Stories of Love, Anger, and the Female Body

All of me, Dani Burlison, editorWith women’s anger, empowerment, and the critical importance of intersectional feminism taking center stage in much of the dialogue happening in feminist spaces right now, an anthology like this has never been more important. The voices in this collection of essays and interviews offer perspectives and experiences that help women find common ground, unity, and allyship.

Through personal essays and interviews about what it is like to live as a woman (cis + trans) in this modern world—with all of our love, anger, complexities, and desires for justice—All of Me: Stories of Love, Anger, and the Female Body includes vulnerable, painful truths and bold inspiration.

PM Press: https://secure.pmpress.org/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1044

Abraham Entin—Living on the Fringe, a Memoir

Living on the Fringe, a MemoirWhen Ed Entin decided to torch his draft card, everything about his life changed. He had his whole life mapped out. It was 1966 and Eddie had just been accepted into Yale Law School — his ticket out of the Army and Vietnam and into a life of secure prosperity.

It only took one day, one decision to change the course of his life. What follows is a sometimes harrowing, often hilarious, and always illuminating ten-year journey through the social, political, and spiritual turmoil of the era.

For anyone wondering how it was back then — or how to get through right now— Living on the Fringe provides a look at how one person waded into the turbulent waters of his time came out whole, dry, and ready to face the future. And with a new name to match the person he had become.

Available on Amazon.

Donald M. Riley—Ranching Is Hard Poetry: Collected Writings

Ranching Is Hard PoetryA selection of poetry, short stories and journal entries. The natural world played a powerful part in the life and writing of Tomales writer Don Riley. As a child, he lived in rural western New York, on Lake Erie. He roamed the countryside with brothers and friends, sampling the sun-warmed grapes and tomatoes growing in the fields, swimming in creeks, and bringing home the occasional creature. In the 1970s, Don and his family moved to Northern California, to the town of Tomales, pop. 500, where he was again surrounded by natural beauty. His writings describe his love of the place. He made friends in the ranching community, among the dairy, cattle and sheep ranchers. The title poem “Ranching is Hard Poetry” is written for them and about them. Don focused on short stories and poetry, with his best pieces posted on his website (oreillydon.wordpress.com). Those pieces are all included in this volume. Don passed away in 2014 at his home in Petaluma.

To purchase this book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1077729251

Linda Bello-Ruiz—Lost at Sea

Lost at SeaIn June 2017, Alejandro, a young inexperienced fisherman set out for a day of long-line fishing. Hours later, the boat motor failed. The captain ordered Alejandro to stay behind while he and the other crew member hitched a ride on a passing boat to pull in the catch. On their return, they reported that Alejandro and the disabled boat had disappeared. Rebecca in California and Salvador in La Perlita launched a search to find Alejandro—without success. Several theories spread through the Mexican fishing village: a tragic accident at sea? Cartel involvement? Murder? Did he fake his own death? Did he drown and his death was covered up? Follow Rebecca as she attempts to unravel the mystery. This is a work of fiction based on true events.

Mariah Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9895258-7-9
208 pages, perfect bound, 6.0 x 9.0 inches
$10.99, paperback; $5.99, Kindle

To purchase this book: www.amazon.com/Lost-at-Sea-Linda-Bello-Ruiz/dp/0989525872

Waights Taylor—Henry Tuttle: The Boy Who Ran to Glory

Henry TuttleBefore you read Waights Taylor’s book, Henry Tuttle: The Boy Who Ran to Glory, here’s some helpful advice: Lace up your favorite sneakers, fill your water bottle with spring water, and grab some energy bars. Now you are ready to try to keep up with Henry. Taylor, taking his first turn at young adult fiction, has fashioned a fast-paced story of an eighteen-year-old Northern California boy whose love of running takes him from the peaks of the Trinity Alps to the pinnacle of road racing, the Boston Marathon. When young Tuttle’s big moment arrives, Taylor steers the grueling 26.2-mile race into the home stretch with a deft touch, nuancing each step toward the finish line as Henry battles the crushing weight of fatigue, desperately searching for the meaning of the moment and why he was there.

Available on Amazon.

Killed by a Silver BullJo Lauer—Killed by a Silver Bull

The third in the Little Old Ladies Mystery series, Killed by a Silver Bull, by Santa Rosa author, Jo Lauer, is now available on Amazon.

Senior sleuthing duo Marion and Amanda haven’t figured out how to retire. After solving a local murder, they stumble into a black-market baby-selling ring down in the Ozarks. It’s looking less and less like retirement is in the stars for Marion and Amanda.

Peg Alford Pursell—A Girl Goes into the Forest

A Girl Goes into the ForestFollowing her acclaimed debut, Show Her a Flower, A Bird, A Shadow, award-winning author Peg Alford Pursell explores and illuminates love and loss in 78 hybrid stories and fables. A Girl Goes into the Forest immerses readers in the complex desires, contradictions, and sorrows of daughters, wives, and husbands, artists, siblings, and mothers. In forests literal and metaphorical, the characters try, fail, and try again to see the world, to hear each other, and to speak the truth of their longings. Powerful, lyrical, and precise, Pursell’s stories call up a world at once mysterious and recognizable. A Girl Goes into the Forest invites fans of Lydia Davis and Helen Oyeyemi into a world where “no one can deter a person from her mistakes.”

A Girl Goes into the Forest is now available for from your favorite independent bookseller, or online via IndieBound. It’s available from the publisher, Dzanc Books, and on Amazon. (Really, you can get it anywhere.)

Robert Koslowsky—The Tubbs Fire: A Story of Survival and Recovery

The Tubbs Fire – A Story of Survival and RecoveryIn The Tubbs Fire – A Story of Survival and Recovery, a survivor recounts his family’s harrowing escape from California’s most destructive wildfire through late 2018. The reader will be transported to October 9, 2017 during this family’s fateful early morning flight, as they navigate treacherous streets to safety. Rob Koslowsky captures his family’s heart-stopping escape and their traumatic experiences on the road to recovery. Obstacles littered their path to personal redemption. Insurance company barriers, government coercion and over-eager debris removal contractors, obstructionist political leaders, and excessive rebuilding regulations played a major role in their heart-wrenching decision to abandon their beloved Santa Rosa homestead. A tale of desperation and perseverance, The Tubbs Fire – A Story of Survival and Recovery, illuminates the setbacks and day-to-day triumphs on the Koslowsky family’s journey to recovery.

ISBN: 978-1073385836
372 pages, $14.95, paperback

More details at: https://thetubbsfire.weebly.com
To purchase this book: www.amazon.com/dp/1073385833

Dr. Angela Brownemiller—Unveiling the Hidden Instinct: Understanding Our Interdimensional Survival Awareness

Unveiling the Hidden InstinctAuthor Dr. Angela Brownemiller offers new perspectives on what and who we Humans actually are. She takes a new approach to out-of-body, lucid dreaming, and other non-physical sensation and awareness, working up to her thesis that there is much more to the picture than we and even scientific research are presenting ourselves. We Humans have far more to work with here, even when and if survival issues are front and center. Every day, we are presented with minor and major opportunities, even needs, to listen to deep instinct, to better understand the nature of transitioning, shifting, from one state of mind, one way of being, from one reality to another. At times, we may even sense that our well-being, perhaps even our survival, depends upon such a shift. Should we at some point find the survival level need to shift ourselves across viewpoints, ways of seeing the world, realities, dimensions, even perhaps from physical to non-physical and back, across perspectives and dimensions, it is essential we have at least already considered the concepts involved.

Order on Amazon, or via Author Website, DrAngela.com. This book will be available by mid-July, 2019 at Copperfield’s Books, Santa Rosa in the Montgomery Village Shopping Center.

Bo Kearns—Ashes in a Coconut

Ashes in a CoconutKirkus Reviews called Ashes in a Coconut “…an intriguing page-turner…” In this debut novel, set in 1983 Jakarta, Laura Harrison carves a bold path as an American expat wife and launches a campaign to save endangered orangutans. But her husband, Jack, becomes mired in corrupt business practices that threaten to derail their already struggling marriage, or worse.

“Whet your appetite for the dazzling palette of colors and aromas, the bustling mysterious world of Indonesia…described by author, Bo Kearns, a talented wordsmith and a keen observer….what he paints is the transformation of heart and mind and spirit, an inspiring and sometimes terrifying rebirth. Ashes in a Coconut should be on the top of the list for any reader who cares about the planet or the people who inhabit it.”
—Daniel Coshnear, Willa Cather Fiction Award winner and author of Jobs & Other Preoccupations and Occupy & Other Love Stories

“I enjoyed spending time with Jack and Laura as they attempt to mend their marriage and make their way through the Jakarta of 1983, a glamorous and dangerous place of Singapore Slings, shady bankers, mysterious curses, seductive servants, damaged rain forests, magnificent Buddhist temples, and orphaned orangutans.”
—Molly Giles, author of Rough Translations, winner of The Flannery O’Connor Prize, the Boston Globe Award, and The Bay Area Book Reviewers’ Award

Moonshine Cove Publishing. Purchase at: www.amazon.com/Ashes-Coconut-Bo-Kearns/dp/1945181508

Redwood Writers—Crow: In the Light of Day, In the Dark of Night

Crow: In the Light of Day, In the Dark of Night

Redwood Writers is proud to present its 2019 Poetry Anthology, enhanced by our local artists, which expresses the heart and talent of our community. Redwood Writers Poetry Anthology depicts the rich and varied aspects of life in Sonoma county. In addition, it has a special section devoted to five poets who received the Sonoma County Award of Merit distinction. We believe this anthology is truly something to crow about. Les Bernstein and Fran Claggett-Holland, editors; Christine McDonald, cover artist; interior art, Warren Bellows.

Redwood Writers Press, 2019
ISBN: 978-0997754452
266 pages, perfect bound, 6 x 9 inches

This book may be purchased at: amazon.com and other book sellers.

Pat Nolan—So Much, Vol. II: Selected Poems 1990-2010, Notebook Keyboard

Pat Nolan So Much, Vol. II Selected Poems 1990-2010 Notebook KeyboardThe title of Pat Nolan’s two volume selected poems, So Much, references modern American poetry’s seminal work by William Carlos Williams, about a red wheelbarrow, chickens, and rain. The poems in this second volume were actualized and finalized beyond their notebook originations on a word processor hence the designation of this twenty-year span from 1990 to 2010 as Notebook Keyboard. As poet and critic Andrei Codrescu has said, Nolan’s poetry “survived, with the help of not just the luxury of irony, but also the blending of his secretly bilingual (French-Canadian and American) language, his intensely questioned, but never renounced, faith in poetry. His sense of wonder, sometimes wary and wise, often surprised, is always in and of the world around him.”

Available late spring, early summer.
Order now at: https://nuallainhousepublishers.com/how-to-order/
225 pages~paper~ISBN 978-0-9840310-8-5
$16 (free shipping before July 4, 2019)

Marlene Cullen, Editor—The Write Spot: Memories

The Write Spot: MemoriesThe fourth book in The Write Spot series, The Write Spot: Memories is a collection of writing from fathers and their adult children, ranging from personal stories to fiction to creative nonfiction. These diverse stories embrace a common thread of love, disappointment, discoveries, and revelations. Memories travels from a daughter’s perspective about her absentee father to a soldier’s diary during WWII to a fisherman in Scotland to tributes to quirky fathers.

Memories is both entertaining and instructive. Writing prompts at the end of each story motivate readers to become writers. The Resource section includes information on how to do freewrites, visualizations to inspire writing, how to improve writing, and how to trust the writing process. The Resource section also contains a list of books about writing.

Contributing writers: Adair Lara, Gene Daly, Susan Bono, Morrie Zahl, Linda Saldaña, Nick Saldaña, Kelly Shaw, Frank Shaw, Jo-Anne Rosen, Morris Rosen, Daniel Coshnear, Lawrence Coshnear, Abe Flinders, Rick Flinders, James Riley, Don Riley, Cara Wasden, Diane Dahlin, Kathy Guthormsen, Marlene Cullen

M. Cullen Enterprises
ISBN: 978-1-941066-35-5

Available at Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma, and on Amazon. $15, print edition; $3.49, Kindle.

Ransom Stephens—Too Rich to Die

Too Rich to Die by Ransom StephensA Dickens of a Silicon Valley cautionary thriller.

San Francisco techie Eben Scratch becomes the world’s first trillionaire on his 30th birthday. Like a high-tech A Christmas Carol, Eben’s greed has ruined his life and just might ruin the world if the Time Weavers—Simon, who can choose the course of history from the intersections of past and future realities, Fiona Black, proprietor of The Intoxicating Page, a bar-bookstore where cocktails are matched to literature, Volodya Kazimer, a cold-war era Russian hacker whose software calculates the probabilities for different futures, and Winter, a beagle—can’t rescue Eben from himself.

Ranging from San Francisco to Paris, Mexico, India, and Vienna, Too Rich to Die melds Silicon Valley wealth, the French Revolution, and developing world sweatshops into a fast-paced story of love and money found, lost, and crushed beyond recognition.

“Deliciously complex and steeped in the apocrypha of Silicon Valley, Too Rich to Die delivers a tale of the worst possible outcome barely diverted by humanity’s better impulses. What if you not only had the power to see alternate timelines, but you had the technological prowess to pick and choose between them? Too Rich to Die is a delightful sequel to the fast-paced and complex time-bending of The 99% Solution. Stephen’s trio of Timeweavers has localized a moment in time when everything changes for the worse. Now they must pull off the difficult task of changing the way a trillionaire sees the world.”
—Kimberly Unger, author of The Gophers of High Charity

The pre-order period for Too Rich to Die begins on April 3rd at all of the usual places …

Carla Marie Manly—Joy from Fear

Joy From FearSelf-help book. If you find yourself running away from fear, you’re running in the wrong direction. Fear demands that we move toward it, face it, and hear its messages. When we fail to do this, the price is high—chronic anxiety, sleeplessness, damaged relationships, skyrocketing pharmaceutical use, and more. In her enlightening book Joy from Fear, clinical psychologist Dr. Carla Marie Manly explains that fear is not the enemy we thought it was; fear, when faced with awareness, is the powerful ally and best friend we all need. Coining the term “Transformational Fear,” Dr. Manly illuminates the importance of embracing fear’s messages to learn and successfully move into a transformed life filled with freedom and lasting happiness. Dr. Manly’s work is firmly based in science but goes far beyond presenting the dry facts—Joy from Fear offers page after page of real-life examples, insights, easy-to-use tools, and life-changing exercises.

“Like other strong emotions, fear has two sides: the destructive and the transformational, to use Carla Marie Manly’s word. In this enlightening book she shows real empathy for her readers, knowing how crippling fear can be, and sorts out its many ingredients. She shows a way, clearly and with certainty, how to shift from fear that can tear a life apart to re-imagining the role of fear in life. This book goes deep and is rooted in the experience of both fear itself and helping people deal effectively with their fears. The book is also a model on how to write therapeutically for the concerned reader. I feel lighter for having read it.”
—Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and Ageless Soul

The following locations are carrying Joy from Fear: Copperfield’s Books, Sunnyside Cottage
Also available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com

Sandra Anfang—Xylem Highway: Poems

Xylem HighwaySande Anfang has wandered far from her Jewish New Jersey roots, eventually transplanting herself to the Golden State. On the evidence of her new book, Xylem Highway, it was a wildly successful venture, for she seems as cheerfully at home in her chosen landscape as the ubiquitous gum tree. Opening with a celebration of the bristlecone pine, as old as the redwoods but not nearly as majestic, she embraces life’s variety, all of it worthy of praise. A latter-day Wordsworth, she invites the reader to join her on frequent visits with her “relatives”—Hedge Nettle, Miner’s Lettuce, Wild Geranium—in California’s hills, where every step is a blessing. In beautifully measured free verse, rich with vivid imagery, she celebrates life’s vicissitudes and abundance. A counterpoise to our age of political darkness, this book reminds us of larger affinities and consolations. ~Lee Rossi

Order at: https://mainstreetragbookstore.com/product/xylem-highway-sandra-anfang/
ISBN: 978-1-59948-722-9, 80 pages, $14 (+ shipping)

Michael Levitin—Disposable Man

Disposable Man / Michael Levitin“Let me begin by telling you about the time my great aunt Josephine wrote a postcard to Albert Einstein asking him to save her life.” So starts this debut novel about 30-something American journalist Max Krumm, a grandson of Holocaust survivors who has returned to his ancestral city of Berlin to confront the ghosts that still haunt him. A multi-generational novel woven into the backdrop of revolutionary-era Russia and Nazi Europe, Disposable Man tackles enduring themes of loss, male identity and the search for meaning. Levitin’s story about one man’s attempt to come to terms with history is also a story about modern men in search of themselves. Holding up a mirror to Gen X and millennials, it explores today’s generation of stalled, disposable men as it follows Krumm on a rambling journey east through Poland into Lithuania where he attempts to uncover a family secret and, in the process, regains his manhood.

“Welcome to the nadir of post-employment, post-feminist, mediocre masculinity.”
— Nathan Schneider, author of Everything for Everyone: The Radical Tradition That Is Shaping the Next Economy

“This remarkable novel about a young man’s search for the continuity of his portable life, among the ruins of a murdered past and in the face of a blank future, is rich with delights, insights, warranted sadness, and a longing to make sense of history.”
— Todd Gitlin, author of The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage and the novel Undying

“Robust with nuance and wit, it’s beautifully written with vibrant descriptions of people and places and lots and lots of history — both global and personal.”
— San Jose Mercury News

The book is available at Copperfield’s in Santa Rosa (Montgomery Village) as well as at the Novato branch. It can be purchased directly from the publisher’s website: www.spuytenduyvil.net/disposable-man.html

Sonoma Land Trust—Where the World Begins: Sonoma Mountain Stories and Images

Where the World Begins: Sonoma Mountain Stories and Images invites you to explore our natural treasure at the heart of southern Sonoma County. Approaching the mountain as a living presence, a refuge for wildlife and natural systems, and a source of inspiration, the book weaves together diverse local voices. With a central text written by Arthur Dawson, this coffee-table-sized hardcover features 140 photographs, a dozen maps, and numerous quotes by people who know and love this inspiring mountain. Contributing authors include Kenneth Brower, Meg Beeler, Rebecca Lawton and Tracy Salcedo. Published by Sonoma Mountain Preservation (SMP) to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Available March 7 at Readers Books in Sonoma, and Copperfield’s Books in Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Sebastopol. Books may also be purchased on the Sonoma Mountain Preservation website.

Charles Markee—Otherworld Tales 3: The Ultimate Battle

Otherworld Tales 3: The Ultimate Battle, by Charles MarkeeAction adventure fantasy for middle-grade readers.

Can Irish, Streak and Frost find their way home? Can their magical powers survive demon attacks? And can they win the ultimate battle?

The three friends begin this Hawaiian vacation hiking the dangerous Kalalau Trail in pitch-black darkness. A Menehune saves them, hints at a prophecy, and warns them that Abaddon, the most evil being in existence, is stalking them. They return to their beach house, where the next morning they wake in a prehistoric Hawaiian Otherworld, 1,000 years in the past. Available on Amazon in March.

Available on Amazon, as are Books 1 and 2 of Otherworld Tales, Irish the Demon Slayer and Demon Invasion.

From Moonview Press, www.charlesmarkee.com

Scott Sibary—Conception: Book One of Human Dilemma

Conception by Scott Sibary2038: after the holocaust of an AI-engineered pandemic, nations desperately seek an improved forum for world issues. As part of this effort, Solveig Kleiveland is sent with her Norwegian team to Beijing, China, to help assemble an early form of artificial general intelligence. Her team brings the “vital codes,” algorithms that seek AI alignment with human values. Included is also her own invention: a “Protection Lock” to guarantee the sanctity of the vital codes.

Senior Project Manager Deng AnDe is utopian, and loyal to many ideals in China’s spiritual traditions. Solveig begins to open up to him, but then is torn by doubt. And she learns at least one colleague is trying to undermine the project’s success. She must decide: ferret out the dissenters, or side with them. And she must make sure the key component she contributes will not come under Chinese control, nor help create the most powerful weapon ever.

AnDe finds himself under pressure to learn the keys to Solveig’s Protection Lock. He also finds his view of her has secretly morphed into an agitating but inspiring presence in his mind. He draws from his training and from the diverse wisdoms of his four grandparents to devise a way through the web of conflicting demands from within and without.

An ebook is available at nearly all retail websites (by searching under Sibary) or from the distributor (Smashwords): www.smashwords.com/books/view/918998.

Conception is also available in print on Amazon.

Ed Coletti— Apollo Blue’s Harp and the Gods of Song

Apollo BlueBlue's Harp And The God's of SongApollo Blue’s Harp and the Gods of Song takes off from Coletti’s chap book Jazz Gods (from eight years ago) and adds further poems with musical themes including rock, classical, blues, and much more Jazz. It is a full-length collection and includes a character, Apollo Blue, who is a Southern blues harp player who’s crossed paths with, and taught licks to, such as Dylan and Lennon. Apollo Blue is not omnipresent here but does show up from time to time and at significant moments. The book is divided into thematic sections each introduced by an applicable triolet. Apollo Blue’s Harp and the Gods of Song has gone through a long and convoluted publishing history, has been eagerly anticipated by a wide audience, and will be published during February 2019 (available through Amazon).

Ayin Weaver— Souls of Viridian

Souls of Viridian by Ayin WeaverAYIN WEAVER’s second novel: SOULS OF VIRIDIAN. A NEW VISIONARY NOVEL filled with suspense, intrigue and mysticism.

Diverse characters from 15th century Italy, 18th century France,  20th century America and beyond, all have something in common. What could it be? How are they related? Lesbians, gay men and heterosexual characters fill the pages of this novel,portraying courage in the face of prejudice, love in the face of fear… and magic in the face of superstition.

Ayin’s first novel Bleed Through and Souls of Viridian  are both available NOW at amazon and at local bookstores.

From Roberta Teller , at Wise Women Storytime (KOWS radio):

“I invite you to hear how a most curious and synchronistic story helped plant the seeds for this new novel by Ayin Weaver. Meet some of the ordinary and yet extraordinary characters and get a glimpse into the heart and soul of this mystery.”

You can listen to the show at robertatellerblog.com.

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