SoCo Writers in Journals

The following local authors had their work published in journals and magazines, both print and electronic. The links to journals are mainly for your information and do not always go to the poem or story itself. Unless specified otherwise, the works are poems.

February 2023

Susan Starbird:
“On Lying Awake Waiting for the Pathologist’s Report,” in UnbrokenIssue 36, Winter (prose poem)

January 2023

Judith Day:
“Who Will Watch You Die” in EclecticaVol. 27, No. 1, January/February 2023 (nonfiction)

Pat Nolan:
“Needles Auto (or The Revenge of Lorine Neidecker): Alice Notley & the Novel Poem,” in OtolithsNo. 68, the Southern Summer issue (essay, originally published in Parole).
“Modes of Nothingness,” in OtolithsNo. 68

Judith Vaughn:
“Eulogy for Pharaoh,” in A Collection of Jazz Poetry (on Jerry Jazz Musician site), Fall/Winter 2022-2023 edition
Three Wishes—An Intimate Look at Jazz Greats, Pannonica de Koenigswarter: “Nica,” “Monk at the Cat House,” “Miles,” “Frank Gant,” “Sketches of Spain” in A Collection of Short Jazz Poems (on Jerry Jazz Musician site), Volume 1, January 27, 2023

December 2022

Karen Pierce Gonzalez:
“No One Remembers” in Heart Balm Literary Journal, Echoes & Bellows, Issue 2 (micro-flash)

Jo-Anne Rosen:
“Traveling Salesman, 1927” in Microfiction Monday Magazine, 163rd Edition, December 5, 2022 (microfiction)

October 2022

Sandra Anfang:
“What Mothers Know About War,” in Sunflowers, a new bilingual (Ukrainian and English) print anthology from poets around the world. The anthology may be purchased at:

Donna Emerson:
“Enter Autumn,” The Healing Muse, A Journal of Literary and Visual Arts,  Volume 22, Number 1, Fall, 2022

Karen Pierce Gonzalez:
“Shared Basin,” Nightingale & Sparrow Submerged Micropoems, October 18, 2022

Jo-Anne Rosen:
“My Body Is My Biz,” Eclectica, vol. 26, no. 4, October 16, 2022 (memoir)

Lisa Shulman:
“Résumé,” Women Artists Datebook 2023 (calendar, available now)

September 2022

Donna Emerson:
“Hello and Good Bye In Athens,” “No and Yes,” and “Ned’s Grace,” Avatar ReviewIssue 24, Summer 2022

Renée Owen:
“a flock,” Modern Haiku, 53.3, 2022
“camp-out,” Acorn49, 2022
against the currents” and “this bend of the river,” The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XXV, No. 3 (Sept. 2022)
“coastal fog,” Our Garden: THF Volunteer Anthology, 2022 (page 72)

August 2022

Donna Emerson:
“Reunion: Winter Visit, Family Homestead,” in The Paterson Literary Review, Issue 50, 2022, p.200.
“On the Plaza, Santa Fe,” in The Spotlong Review, August 2022
“Dad Cares From a Distance,” “At Four and Thirty,” “When Blood Appears,” and “”The Church Ladies,” in Praxis, Volume 28, Number 2/2  Winter/Spring, 2022

July 2022

Karen Pierce Gonzalez:
“Retrograde,” Blue Pepper, 2022
“Taking Flight,” Visual Verse, 2022 (microfiction)
True North, Origami Poems Project. A 5-poem micro chapbook designed to be folded into an origami star you can read! Free download:

June 2022

Sandra Anfang:
Six poems in Benicia Literary Arts’ print anthology, Yearning to Breathe Free: A Community Journal of 2020 (released May 30 2022)
“Perseids,” in Six Sentences (June 1, 2022)
“Takeout,” in Paragraph Planet (June 2022)

Renée Owen:
“Featured Writer: First Person Reflections on the Art of Writing Haibun” in Contemporary Haibun Online 18.1, 2022
“Disappearing Ridgeline” and “Glory Song” and “The Neighbor Boy” in Contemporary Haibun Print, Vol. 17, 2022 (Best of Anthology)
“even the crows” in Modern Haiku 53.1, 2022 and “day without texts” in Modern Haiku 53.2, 2022
“Hat Snatchers” and “river breeze” in Frogpond 45.1, 2022
“god of the rising seas” and “drying persimmons” and “the road home” in Presence 72, March 2022
“first touch” in Acorn 48, 2022
“Inari the Fox God” and “mating otters” in Mariposa 46, 2022

May 2022

J.L. Henker:
“Corporate Baby,” in Open Your Mouth, an anthology benefitting the Women’s Law Center. Available at and all other major book distributors.

April 2022

Iris Jamahl Dunkle:
“Far Field,” Up-Ending, Wordrunner eChapbooks’ 12th annual anthology, April 15, 2022

Donna Emerson:
“On the First Day,” The NonconformistApril 6, 2022
“How It Starts,” and “Inside and Outside,” Louisiana LiteratureA Review of Literature and the Humanities, 39.1, April, 2022

Sherrie Lovler:
“The Meeting of Art and Poetry,” Still Points Arts QuarterlySpring 2022, No. 45 (article about working in both disciplines), includes poems: “Soft Emergence,” “Reuniting With Beauty,” “Embracing Eternity,” “Days” and “Evening”

March 2022

Sandra Anfang:
“What Mothers Know About War,” The New Verse News, March 13, 2022
“Little Black Dress” and “Elijah,” The MacGuffin (Vol. XXXVII, No. 3)
Two haiku in the Haiku Poets of Northern California’s Mariposa 46 (Spring/Summer, 2022). One was a second-place winner in the San Francisco International Haiku Competition for 2021.

Ed Coletti:
“Out of Order,” North American ReviewSpring 2022, Vol.307, #1
“The Birds of Russia Sleeping” and “The Tamalpais Solution,” Mason Street Review, March 2022

Donna Emerson:
“Love Affair With Piano,” The Poetry PorchMarch 2022
“My Friend at 68”  “Jenny Arrives,” and “Remembering You in Snow,” Avatar ReviewIssue 23

Lisa Shulman:
“Coda,” CatamaranSpring 2022, volume 10, issue 2
“Dinosaurs,” Minnow Literary MagazineWinter 2022

February 2022

Renée Owen:
“hydrangea petals” won 3rd Place in the San Francisco International Haiku Contest 2021, sponsored by the Haiku Poets of Northern California. The haiku is published on the site.
“The Neighbor Boy” and “the low hang,” Modern Haiku 52.3, 2021
“your voice in the wind,” Frogpond 44.3, 2021
“how to still this wild heart,” “fireflies” and “a field of poppies” in Presence 71, 2021
“the delicate pink” and “coastal fog,” Mariposa 45, 2021
“early nightfal,” Acorn 47, 2021
“5 A.M.,” Contemporary Haibun Online 17.3, 2021
“Holiday Drama,” Modern Haiku‘s Facebook page, 12/23/21

Nick Valdez:
“The Number 7 Bus,” SFWP Quarterly (Santa Fe Writers Project) Issue 28, Winter 2022 (fiction)

January 2022

Nancy Martin:
“Those Colorful Streets,” Work in Progress, International Pulpwood Queen and Timber Guy Bookclub anthology (memoir)

November 2021

Donna Emerson:
“Before Mother Died,” and “One Day at Work,” Weberthe Contemporary WestFall, 2021, Volume 38, Number 1.
“In the Blue Room,” The Healing Muse, A journal of Literary & Visual ArtsVolume 21, Number 1, Fall, 2021

October 2021

Ed Coletti:
“Dust in the Wind Recalled During Times of Covid-19” in So It Goes (The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library), Issue #10, Indianapolis Oct. 2021 (Print Edition)
“Floating,” The Inflectionist Review, October 2021

Donna Emerson:
“Unraveling,” in Brief Wilderness October 10, 2021
“Listening to L’Isle Joyeuse by Claude Debussy,” The Chaffin Journal, 2021

Karen Pierce Gonzalez:
“Switching Places” and “Homebound,” in Pandemic Puzzle Poems, a Blue Light Press anthology of 92 poets, October 19, 2021. Along with Karen’s two poems, there are works by a host of great poets, including Jane Hirshfield, Ted Kooser, Dorianne Laux, Stephen Dunn, Naomi Shihab Nye, and others. Order on Amazon: or from your favorite independent bookstore: ISBN: 978-1-4218-3708-6 Distributor: Ingram.
Turning Away from Despair” and My Venus de Milo,” FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art, October 1, 2021, Issue 10

Nicole R. Zimmerman:
“Autumn Inferno” in CagibiOctober 6, 2021. On the Ground special feature
“Destination Unknown” in Litro, October 9, 2021. Essay Saturday editor’s pick
“Mother Says” in Complete Sentence, October 16, 2021.
“Feather Knoll Farm” in the Sonoma County Gazette, Vol. 19, Issue 10, Pg. A30

September 2021

Donna Emerson:
“In the Blue Room,” The Healing Muse, Volume 21, October, 2021

Renée Owen:
“Motherless” and “first mustard” and “from the throat” and “earthfill dam” in Presence 70, 2021
“a cooper’s hawk” in The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XXIII, No. 2 (June 2021)
“peeling the a off” in Modern Haiku 52.2, 2021
“His Grecian Lady” and “the mating cries” in Frogpond 44.2, 2021 
“first red camellia” and “the opening” in Mariposa 44, 2021
“mountain trail” and “last light” and “my suitcase” in Kingfisher Issue 3, 2021

August 2021

Donna Emerson:
“My Friend at Sixty-Eight,” “Jenny Arrives,” and “Remembering You in Snow,” Avatar Review, issue 23, August 31, 2021
“How We Leave,” “Wallace Fulmer,” and “Portato,” Academy of the Heart and Mind, August 16, 2021

Jo-Anne Rosen:
“Transit Visa to Redemption,” The Write Launch, July 2021 (short story)

Amanda Yskamp:
“Diorama,” Mud Season Review, Issue 57, August 2021 (short story)

July 2021

Dan Coshnear:
“An Old Joke,” Fleas on the Dog, Issue 9 (satire)

June 2021

Donna Emerson:
“Vernal Sap,” The Wild Merced,” and “The Train to Bath,” California State Poetry Society, Poetry Letter No. 2, 2021 (June 2021)
“The Dascomb Aerie,” Grub Street Literary Magazine, Volume 70, June 7, 2021 (includes audio recording)
“All Over Us,” Nonconformist Magazine, June 2021
“I Was Raised on Love,” The Paterson Literary Review, Issue 49, 2021
“She Runs Through Rooms,” The Meadow, June, 2021

Renée Owen:
“Lost in the Forest,” “dusk hike,” “how many days” and “only the evergreens,” in Presence 69, 2021
“On the Trail” and “Brushstrokes” in Tandem: The Rengay JournalVol.1, No.1, 2021
“first morning fog” in Acorn 46, 2021
“Book of Hours” and “Glory Song” in Contemporary Haibun Online 17.1, 2021
“white cyclamen” in The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XXIII, No. 1
“frozen paperwhites” in Is/letFebruary 2021

May 2021

Ed Coletti:
“A Feare,” Tigershark magazine, Issue 29, spring/summer 2021
“Lovely To Look At,” “Moon Dreams” and “Miles Davis’ Flamenco Sketches” in the Jerry Jazz Musician Miles Davis Poetry Collection, Winter 2021

Donna Emerson:
“The Cows on Our Street,” Front Range Review, Spring, 2021

February 2021

Ed Coletti:
“The Late Twenties” in  Jerry Jazz Musician, Winter 2021
“This Unity in African Pregancies,” Pangolin Review (Mauritius) Feb. 8, 2021

January 2021

Renee Owen:
“longest night” in Mayfly #70, 2021
“Disappearing Ridgeline” and “more than one” in Modern Haiku 52.1, 2021 and “memorial day moon,” in Modern Haiku 51.3, 2020:
“pulse of cricket song” and “the sound her cello makes” in California Quarterly, vol. 46, #3 (2020 Fall)
“Between Scylla & Charybdis” in Frogpond 43.3, 2020 and “tulip magnolias” in Frogpond 44.1, 2021,
“For the Whales” and “the tattered wings,”in Mariposa 43, 2020
“Betty Crocker Nights” and “A Closetful” in Contemporary Haibun Online Vol. 16.4, Dec. 2020,
“So Much of Life,” in Charlotte Digregorio’s Writers’ Blog, 1/28/21

December 2020

Pat Nolan:
“I Dream of Tom Clark,” “In Heaven,” Teflon Teeth,” “Come Monday,” “A Bad Stretch of Days,” “Poem in a Manner Not My Own,” “Local Relativity,” The Brooklyn Rail (December 2020)

Lisa Shulman:
“At the Pacific Air Museum” The Best Small Fictions 2020 (December 2020) (prose poem)

November 2020

Nancy Cavers Dougherty
“The Boy and Big Foot,” Finalist; “Was a Turtle,” Semifinalist of the Annual Poetry Contest held and published in Quiet Diamonds, The Poetry Journal of The Orchard Street Press, Summer 2020.

Donna Emerson:
Riding Bareback,” Pudding Magazine, Issue 69, p. 22, November, 2020
“My Son at Twenty-Two,” and “Fathers and Their Children,” in the Chaffin Journal, pp 28-29, November, 2020

Dave Seter:
“Relative Strangers,” Blue Lake Review, November 2020

October 2020

Donna Emerson:
“Ask Her,” The Healing Muse, Volume 20, October, 2020

September 2020

Ed Coletti:
“Underground During Ages of Autocracy,” So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum Library, 2020

August 2020

Renée Owen
“past midnight” in Modern Haiku 51.2, 2020
“the smoothness”  and “closing time” in Frogpond 43.2, 2020
“wrens” in Mariposa 42, 2020
“after the last” in
The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XXII, No. 2
“Glint” in Contemporary Haibun Online 16.2, 2020
“Thick As a Brick” in Contemporary Haibun Online 16.1, 2020

Jo-Anne Rosen
“At the Casino with Two Jacks,” Big City Lit, Summer 2020 (short story)

July 2020

Ed Coletti:
“Unto Dust During Plague,” Jerry Jazz Musician collection, Poetry reflecting the era of COVID, Black Lives Matter, and a heated political seasonVol. 2, July 31, 2020

Donna Emerson:
“In the Dark,” “Skimming the Water,” “After Winter Rains,” and  “Riding Bareback,” Magnolia Review, July 2020

June 2020

Donna Emerson:
“In the Middle of a Long Marriage,” The Cape Rock, Spring 2020
“Vernal Sap,” and “Mystery of the Boil,” Chicago Quarterly Review, Volume 31, 2020

May 2020

Karen Pierce Gonzalez:
“Above Her Feet,” Timeworn Literary Journal, Issue 2, April 2020 (short story)

Jo-Anne Rosen:
“Our Late Lamented Union,” Change Seven, May 2020 (short story)
“Anna’s Hummingbird,” Flash Fiction Magazine, May 16, 2020 (flash fiction)

Amanda Yskamp:
“Lindy and the High Water Mark,” Orca, Issue 3, Spring 2020 (short story)

April 2020

Dan Coshnear:
“An Ordinary Love Story,” Big Fiction Magazine, Issue 9, Winter 2020 (novella)

Donna Emerson:
“After Spring Rains,” COG (April-May, 2020)

February 2020

Dan Coshnear:
“Proximite,” Gargoyle, issue 71 (short story)

Donna Emerson:
“Why We Parted,” Praxis, Journal of Gender and Cultural Critiques (SUNY), February 2020

January 2020

Lisa Shulman:
“At the Pacific Air Museum” published in Earth Hymn, KYSO Flash Anthology 2019 (flash fiction)
“Nero Tells All,” published in MacQueen’s Quinterly, Issue 1, January 2020 (flash fiction)
“Where Were You Last Night?” published in MacQueen’s Quinterly, Issue 1, January 2020 (flash fiction)

December 2019

Donna Emerson:
“Skimming the Water,” Summerset Review, December 15, 2019

Renée Owen:
“stuffing xmas cards” Modern Haiku 51.1

“Mother” Frogpond 43.1

Nicole Zimmerman:
“Finding Hanukkah in the Happy Holidays,” Bohemian and Pacific Sun, December 2019 (essay/cover feature)

November 2019

Donna Emerson:
“Living Language,” The MacGuffin, Fall, 2019 (reprint)
“On the Lakeshore Limited,” Evening Street Review, October, 2019

Gwynn O’Gara:
“The Room That Grows,” Digital Waves, the online magazine of AROHO, A Room of Her Own, October 11, 2019 (essay)

Renée Owen:
“the half life of plastic” “the locomotion of moss” and “Nothing Left But Snakeskin” in Bones 18 (Nov. 2019), at 121-123.
“be still wind” awarded Favorite Haiku of Summer 2019 Issue, Modern Haiku 50.3, 2019,

“this one life” in Signature Haiku Anthologyedited by Robert Epstein, publisher Middle Island Press

Jo-Anne Rosen:
“The Emperor’s Cloak,” The Copperfield Review, November 5, 2019 (historical fiction)

September 2019

Donna Emerson:
“Long Distance,” Marin Poetry Anthology, September, 2019, Kirsten Neff, Editor
“In the Retelling,” The Healing Muse, September, 2019, Deidre Nelson, Editor

Natalie Korman:
“West Hills,” Recenter Press Poetry Journal, Issue Two, Fall 2019

Renée Owen:
“The Big One” and “The Deadhouse: Americans Torn in Two” in Haibun Today, Sept. 2019, Vol.13, no. 3
“All Night Rain,” “charred fields” and “red-shouldered hawk” in Mariposa 41, 2019
“Shell Game” in Frogpond 42.2, 2019
“Shenandoah” and “river canyon” in The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XXII, No. 4.
“Mourning Song” in Contemporary Haibun Online, October 1, 2019, Vol. 15, No. 3.

August 2019

Donna Emerson:
“New Regime,” “The Cloisters,” and “Why We Parted,” Praxis, Journal of Gender and Cultural Critiques, (SUNY), August, 2019,

July 2019

Pat Nolan:
“Faint Praise and Obtuse Approbation,” “Your Analysis,” “The Wide Spiral of My Trajectory,” “Samadhi” and “Back to Square One,” Otoliths (spring 2019)

Renée Owen:
“The Ink of Old Moss” in Bones 17 (July 2019), page 102.
“A Murder of Crows” and “hunch of the night heron” in Modern Haiku 50.3, 2019.   

Jo-Anne Rosen:
“The Good Samaritan,” The Write Launch, July 9, 2019 (long short story)
“Liberating,” FlashFiction, July 2, 2019 (flash fiction reprint)

June 2019

Jo-Anne Rosen
“I Found Your Leg,” Spank the Carp, Pond 51, June 1, 2019 (short story)

May 2019

Karen Pierce Gonzalez
“Prairie Preserves,” “Ripe with Promise,” “Coming of Spring,” Voice of Eve, Issue 12, May 15, 2019

April 2019

Donna Emerson
“Jacob Opens the Door,” in The Paterson Literary Review, Issue 47, Spring, 2019.
Book Review of The Place of Our Meeting, by Eniko Vaghy in The Paterson Literary Review, Issue 46, spring, 2019, pp 258-259.

Pat Nolan
“Tangled Heirarchies,” and “The Metaphysical Dynamic,” Otoliths, Issue 53, May 1, 2019
“The Poet Thumbs a Ride,” excerpt from the novel Ode To Sunset, Otoliths, Issue 53, May 1, 2019

Renée Owen
“Between Falling Away & Arising” and “all the guns” in Mariposa 40, 2019

“be still wind” in Modern Haiku 50.2, 2019
“Nothing Matters Now” in Contemporary Haibun Online, April 2019, vol. 15.1,

February 2019

Donna Emerson
“Last Class,” “Ninth Birthday,” “Cole Took Me Flying,” in Apricity Magazine.

Renée Owen
“whale spouts” San Francisco International Haiku Contest (3rd Place), published in Mariposa 40, 2019

“Before the Firestorm” in Haibun Today, March 2019, Vol.13, no. 1
“vintage kimono” and “sari silk scraps” in All the Way Home: Aging in Haiku, 2019 anthology edited by Robert Epstein, publisher Middle Island Press

December 2018

Dan Coshnear:
“Early Onset,” Narrative Story of the Week, December 16, 2018 (fiction)

Donna Emerson:
“If I Die First,” Existere-Journal of Arts and Literature, December 2018

Karen Pierce Gonzalez:
“Adorning the Night,” Visual Verse, Vol. 06, Chap 02, December 2018 (flash fiction)

Renée Owen (a few earlier publications were omitted from previous Updates):
“It Hardly Computes” and “The Sea Lion,” Haibun Today, Dec. 2018, Vol.12, no. 4
“Door to the Temple,” Frogpond, 41.3, 2018
“borderless days,” “where sea meets desire,” “white butterflies,” and “deep in the magnolias,”
 California Quarterly, vol. 44, #3 (2018 Summer)
“in his eyes,”Acorn #41 (Fall 2018)
“To Know a Place,” Contemporary Haibun Online, October 2018, vol. 14.3
“curve of a fawn’s hooves,” Mariposa, 39, 2018

Jo-Anne Rosen:
“Crossing Borders,” Valparaiso Fiction Review, Vol. 8, Issue 1, December 2018 (fiction)

November 2018

Donna Emerson
“Fresh Air,” in SUNY Upstate Medical Center journal, The Healing Muse, Volume 18

October 2018

Donna Emerson
“Beside the Well,” Edison Literary Review, Fall, 2018
“Riding to Devil’s Kitchen” and  journal’s cover photograph, “Magnolia,” Westview, Volume 34, Issue 1, 2018

Renée Owen:
“To Know a Place” in Contemporary Haibun Online, October 2018, vol. 14.3

September 2018

Donna Emerson
“A Boy Named Ned,” Marin Poetry Anthology, September 2018, Kirsten Neff, editor
“Transformation,” Sisyphus Literary Magazine, Hip Pocket Press, September, 2018

Jo-Anne Rosen
“Family Again,” Amsterdam Quarterly, AQ23-Genealogy Issue, 20 September 2018 (short story)

July 2018

Renée Owen
“Home Ec” and “autumn river” in Modern Haiku 49.3, 2018
“High Summer” and “Shades of Earth” in Haibun Today, Sept. 2018, Vol.12, no. 3
*”a steady stream” in Haiku Society of America’s 2018 Anthology

June 2018

Donna Emerson
“The Sheep Return” in the The Courtship of Winds

April 2018

Dan Coshnear
“Where’s Willoughby?” The Cove, The Fire Issue, Issue No. 1 (short story)

Donna Emerson
“Chewing Gum in Flight,” SLAB Literary Journal, April 2018

“Hymns for Morning and Evening: Cameron Mills, 1950,” Stone Canoe, A Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary, Number 12, 2018
“Marin Art and Garden,”  and “Who We Leave,” Weber, the Contemporary West, Spring/Summer, 2018, Volume 34, Number 2, April 2018 (essay)

Katherine Hastings
“What We Packed at 3 A.M.,” The Cove, The Fire Issue, Issue No. 1

Pat Nolan
Seven Poems, The Cove, The Fire Issue, Issue No. 1

Gwynn O’Gara
“Sifting Emptiness” and “Drunken Mother,” The Cove, The Fire Issue, Issue No. 1

Renée Owen
“Trapped,” Contemporary Haibun Online, April 2018, vol. 14.1

Jo-Anne Rosen
“The Nymphs at the Vagabond Motel,” Poydras Review, April 9, 2018 (short story)

March 2018

Donna Emerson
“Shining Brown Hair,” The Paterson Literary Review, Issue 46, page 306

Renée Owen
“the bottom cow,” Modern Haiku 49.2, 2018
“cry of a screech owl,” Acorn #40, 2018
“Trapped,” Contemporary Haibun Online, April 2018, vol. 14.1
“Diablo winds,” Mariposa 38, 2018

February 2018

Donna Emerson
“Who We Leave,” “Marin Art and Garden,” Weber: the Contemporary West, Kristin Jackson editor, Spring, 2018

Renée Owen
“Fledglings” in Contemporary Haibun Online, Nov. 2017, vol. 13, no. 3
“Blue Ridge Nights” and “the holes” in Modern Haiku 49.1, 2018
“wind rippling” in Never Ending Story: English-Chinese Haiku Butterfly Dream blog
“Transplants” in Haibun Today, Mar. 2018, Vol.12, no. 1

December 2017

Donna Emerson
“Upon Hearing Arcangelo Corelli,” The Paragon Journal of Creative Arts, December 2017 (on-line), page 31

Eve Goldberg
“Whatever Happened to Hazel Scott?” Magazine Americana, December 2017 (essay)

November 2017

Donna Emerson
“Edges,” “To My Son, Home From College,” “Ending War,” in Evening Street Review, Number 17, November, 2017.

Gwynn O’Gara
“The Shocking Now,” published in 2017 Passager Poetry Contest, Issue 63

Jo-Anne Rosen
“The Dude Who Stole Her New Shoes,” Five on the Fifth, November 5, 2017 (fiction)

October 2017

Donna Emerson
“In Shadow,” Tower Journal, October 2017,

Gwynn O’Gara
Review of Greg Mahrer’s collection A Provisional Map of the Lost Continent, Cider Press Review

September 2017

Ed Coletti
“Portugués” (for Astrud Gilberto) in The Jerry Jazz Musician

Renée Owen
“rising seas,” in Acorn, #39, 2017
“late spring” in Modern Haiku, 48.3, 2017
“An Ill Winter Wind” in Haibun Today, Sept. 2017, Vol.11, no. 3
“Flash Point” in Contemporary Haibun Online, July 2017, vol. 13, no. 2,
“early dusk,”in Mariposa 37, 2017

August 2017

Ed Coletti
“By Jefferson’s Memorial,” Dissident Voice (August 2017)
“Forgotten City,” “Apollo Blue’s Harp,” “Benjamin Britten Conducts Before Apollo Blue in London (1968),” “While Stan Getz Plays Among The Dolphins,” coldnoon (India, August 8, 2017)

July 2017

Renee Owen
“Under the Sea” in the 2017 Marin Poetry Center Anthology
“graduation day” in They Gave Us Life: Celebrating Mothers, Fathers & Others in Haiku, a Robert Epstein anthology, publisher Middle Island Press
“the theology of barnacles” in Haiku Society of America’s 2017 Anthology

Ed Coletti
“Store Bought Artificial Tears,” Dissident Voice, July 2017
“The Tamalpais Solution,” “North Bay Parades,” “Arabian,” “Mars,” Sonoma Valley Sun, July 2017

Jo-Anne Rosen
“Map of the Mind,” Embark, July 2017 (novel excerpt)

Bill Vartnaw
“Sunday Morning After a Rain,” Outcast Poetry (July 2017)

June 2017

Ed Coletti
“Strange Shadows in An Empty Room” and “Fruitcake,” Modern Poetry Quarterly Review, Issue 7, Spring 2017
“Kingdom Undetected” and “February,” Blueline, Spring 2017

Jo-Anne Rosen
“The Vase,” The Rush, June 2017 (fiction)

May 2017

Ed Coletti
“where poetry sort of mattered,” Volt, #22
“Hey Kids” and “Just Visiting,” Brooklyn Rail, May 2017
“Does Donald Trump Have a Dog?” North Bay Bohemian, May 3, 2017

Renée Owen
Scent of the Past…Imperfect, anthology chapbook (Renée Owen, editor) received an Honorable Mention in the Haiku Society of America Merit Book Awards for 2017.
“Page Turners,” (First Place) and “Purple Haze” (Honorable Mention), in 2016 San Francisco International Rengay Competition, and published in Mariposa , 36
*”indigo night” in Frogpond, 40.2, 2017

Jo-Anne Rosen
“Learning a Language,” Valparaiso Fiction Review, Vol. 6, Issue 2, May 2017 (fiction)

Kathleen Winter
“in & out of the Main Branch elevator,” Volt, #22

April 2017

Sandra Anfang
“Love Trumps Hate: An Aborted Letter To The President-Elect,” Rat’s Ass Review (February 11, 2017)

Ed Coletti
“Mo’ Money” and “Oh Say Can You,” Resist Much/Obey Little:Inaugural Poems To The Resistance, Spuyten Duyvil

Donna Emerson
“For Mary, Sotto Voce,” The London Magazine, April-May 2017
“I Never Wore a Training Bra,” Inscape Journal

David Madgalene
“Crossing Barriers,” “The Mothers” and “The Daughter Of Dr. Fu Manchu,” Sonoma Valley Sun (April 6, 2017)

March 2017

Renée Owen
“And I, I Was Not There” and “a steady stream” in Modern Haiku 48.2, 2017
“Bone Moon” in Contemporary Haibun Online April 2017, vol 13, no 1
“the bird feeder” in Mariposa 36, 2017

February 2017

Ed Coletti
“Oh Say Can You,” “First Person Plural” and “Mo’ Money,” Resist Much/Obey Little (Inaugural Poems to the Resistance), published by Dispatches Editions, an imprint of Spuyten Duyvil Press

Donna Emerson
“Singing Methodists,” Tiferet Journal, Winter Issue, 2017

Renée Owen
“Wild Kingdom,” Contemporary Haibun Online, April 2017, vol 13:1 (First Place, 2016 Kilbride Memorial Haibun contest)
“the susurration,” Acorn, #38, 2017
“What Remains” (with John Thompson) and “a trunk here,” Frogpond 40.1, 2017

Jo-Anne Rosen
“Loma Prieta Bridgework,” Lime Hawk, Issue 11, February 2017 (short story)

January 2017

Ed Coletti
“Dark Drama Darkening” (poem) and “Be Here Now” (painting), X-Peri.

Renée Owen
“The Forbidden One,” voted “Favorite Haibun of the Winter 2016 issue,” in Modern Haiku 48.1, 2017 (originally published in Modern Haiku 47.3, 2016).
“What Remains” and “a trunk here” in Frogpond 40.1, 2017.

Jo-Anne Rosen
“Chins Up,” The Peacock Journal, January 2017 (flash fiction)

December 2016

Ed Coletti
“The Conscious Instant,” PoetryBay (Fall/Winter 2016)

“Brown Recluse Obsession,” “Ratcatcher,” “Elvira Tired,” “What it signifies,” The Were-Traveler (Issue #19: Speculative Poetry)

Donna Emerson
“Stallion on the Road,” Naugatuck River Review (Summer/Fall 2016)
“In Friendship: Anais Nin” (along with Donna’s photo of Anais Nin U.C. Berkeley 1971), Tiferet Journal

November 2016

Ed Coletti
“Run Batted In ?” Baseball Bard

Renee Owen
“Again” and “dyeing thread” in Mariposa 35, 2016
“in a world” in Acorn 37, 2016
“In Memoriam: Jane Reichhold” in Frogpond 39.3, 2016
“In TV Land” in Haibun Today 10:4, 2016
“the theology of barnacles” in Modern Haiku 48.1, 2017
“sand dunes” in Haiku Society of America’s 2016 Anthology

October 2016

Donna Emerson
“A Bed of Hollyhocks,” Denver Quarterly, Volume 51, Number 1, 2016
“With You I Am in a Big House,” Home, anthology by Outrider Press, Vol 21, black and white series; Editor, Whitney Scott, 2016

September 2016

Ed Coletti
“Bourbonating On A Chair Swing In September,” “Decomposition,” “Finish Line,” “This Morpho,” Meat For Tea: The Valley Journal (Western Massachusetts)
“Tea & Turmoil,” Lummox 5
“The Awful Truth in the key of ‘B’,” X-Peri

Judith Day
“If You Lived Here,” Buffalo Almanack, Issue No. 13, September 2016 (fiction, Inkslinger Award Winner)

Donna Emerson
“A Place to Lie Back,” “Sipping Tea,” The Healing Muse
“Watering,” Marin Poetry Anthology: 2016

August 2016

Carol Ciavonne
“Marvel,” concis, Summer 2016

Ed Coletti
“Senator Self,” “Environment,” “Sweet English Spanish Italian Demi Babel,” Wilderness House Literary Review (#10/4)
“For Ashraf Fayadh -800 Lashes For,” Whirlwind Magazine

Iris Jamahl Dunkle
“Make Them Float in Your Mouth,” Panoplyzine, Issue 4, Summer-Autumn, 2016

July 2016

David Beckman
“3 A.M.,” Spillway

Ed Coletti
“First Storm,” Blueline
“New As The Concept Of A Multiverse,” Pinyon (20th anniversary commemorative issue, by invitation)
“A Surfeit of Swans,” Spillway

Donna Emerson
“Six Maple Trees,” “Ending War,” “To My Son, Home From College,” Burningwood Literary Journal

Renée Owen
“The Neighborhood,” “clotted moon,” Modern Haiku 47.3, 2016
“The Mimeograph,” “tsunami flotsam,” “the half life,” Frogpond 39.2, 2016

Kathleen Winter
“Snakes & Ladders,” Spillway

Amanda Yskamp
“Hazards,” Southword, Supplement 29A, July 2016 (fiction)

June 2016

Patti Trimble
“Montauk, 1984” and “Wild Girl and Tame” (winner of the 46er prize), The Adirondack Review, Summer 2016

Patrice Warrender
“Winter Song,” The World Retold Anthology (Writer’s Guild of Iowa State University)
“After the Stars,” The 2016 Marin Poetry Center Anthology (MPC)

May 2016

Ed Coletti
“Amour and The Bushman,” “Two Words,” “His Motivation,” “Tea Leaf Mountain,” Meat For Tea: The Valley Journal (Western Massachussets)
“Lament For An Enlisted Man,” Trajectory Journal
Spank The Carp

Donna Emerson
“Leda to the Swan,” The Alembic 
“Letter to My Sister During Drought,” “First Year of Kindergarten and Eleven Years Later” (Honorable Mention Allen Gisnsberg Poetry Awards), The Paterson Literary Review, Issue 44

Eve Goldberg
“A Tale of Two Theme Parks,” Magazine Americana, May 2016 (essay)

Amanda McTigue
“The Alpine Mall,” Typehouse #8, May 2016 (fiction)

Pat Nolan
“Like an Old Junker” and “It’s Come to This,” Triade Magazine (in English and Spanish),

Renée Owen
“Mother Ship,” 2016 Marin Poetry Center Anthology
“Butterfly Dream: Pinned Butterflies,” “How To Give Up,” Never Ending Story: English-Chinese Haiku blog
“ornamental plums,” Haiku Society of America’s Facebook & Twitter

Jo-Anne Rosen
“Mother’s Day,” Panopolyzine (flash fiction)

April 2016

Donna Emerson
“Alzheimers,” The Ignatian, University of San Francisco, April, 2016
“Upon Return to Dry California From Green New York,” Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, April, 2016

March 2016

Renée Owen
“Buddha’s birthday” in Modern Haiku 47.2,
“a lone coyote” in Mariposa 34,
“marzipan flowers” in Acorn 36,
“this one life” in Beauty & the Sacred from Befuddled Press,

Amanda Yskamp
“Packing Instructions” in Grown & Flown, (essay)

February 2016

Donna Emerson
“Grandmother Armstrong,” “American Scientist,” and “Southern Tier
Farms,” in Westview Review, Volume 32, Issue 1, Winter, 2016
“Last Day on the Farm,” in the anthology, Stone Canoe, Phil Memmer, editor.

Renée Owen
“At MawMaw’s Place” and “From My Windowbox Seat” and “the exhaustion” in
Frogpond 39.1
“this one life,” “crushed snails,” “reading about Buddha,” and “for the
hungry deer” in Animal Rights Haiku, a Robert Epstein
anthology, publisher Middle Island Press

January 2016

Donna Emerson
“Over to Bird-in-Hand,” and “The Conductor,” The Chaffin Journal, 2015

Phyllis Meshulam
“Using Claudia Rankine’s Citizen to Prompt Writing About Prejudice,” Teachers & Writers, January 18, 2016 (essay)

Renée Owen
“Under the Sea,” 2nd Place, Central Valley Haiku Club’s 2015 Kilbride Memorial Haibun Contest,
“talking to myself,” Honorable Mention, 2015 San Francisco International Senryu Contest,

December 2015

Renée Owen
“sand dunes,” “indian paintbrush,” “how to give up,” “the only sound,” & “afternoon prayers” in Chinese & English in the Butterfly Dream Anthology at and on Twitter @storyhaikutanka.

Linda Loveland Reid
“New Dignity for Old Growth,” Sonoma Discoveries, Dec. 29, 2015 (essay)

November 2015

Renée Owen
“The Call,” 3rd Place, Haiku Society of America’s 2015 Haibun Contest,
“sand dunes” 3rd Place, Haiku Society of America’s 2015 Haiku Contest,
“life on a screen” in Modern Haiku 47.1,
“At the Elk’s Club,” “rows of freshly mown hay,” “greenhouse orchids” & “for the hungry deer” in Bottle Rockets #34,

October 2015

Ed Coletti
“Bricolage,” X-Peri, October 16, 2015

Donna Emerson
“Like Salt,” Edison Literary Review, 2015

September 2015

Ed Coletti
“Containing My Parents,” Kentucky Review, 2015
“Lament of an Elisted Man,” Trajectory, Spring 2015 (print publication only)
“Luck Is a Fickle Lover Lacking Only Choice,” Iconoclast (print publication only)

Renée Owen
“Cat Heaven” and “holes in the red dragonfly’s wing,” Frogpond 38.3
“test results,” Mariposa 33
“ranch breakfast,” Daily Haiku, September 8, 2015

August 2015

Ed Coletti

Donna Emerson
“Impermanence,” in the anthology Embers and Flames, Tall Grass Writers Guild, OutRider Press, July, 2015

Renée Owen
“rosemary blooms” in Acorn 35
“muddy river” in Haiku Society of America’s 2015 anthology
“Mother Ship” and “full moon,” Modern Haiku, 46.3
“wolf trap,” Muttering Thunder, vol. 2
“trying to find the eye of a needle,” Bottle Rockets #33
“And it all comes down to this” and “ornamental plums,” Frogpond, 38.2

July 2015

Donna Emerson
“Impermanence,” in the anthology Embers and Flames, Tall Grass Writers Guild, OutRider Press, July, 2015,

Renée Owen
“Mother Ship” and “full moon,” Modern Haiku, 46.3
“wolf trap,” Muttering Thunder, vol. 2
“trying to find the eye of a needle,” Bottle Rockets #33
“And it all comes down to this” and “ornamental plums,” Frogpond, 38.2

June 2015

Ed Coletti
“Epiphany Near San Francisco,” Spillway, 23, June ’15

Donna Emerson
“I Call You Madeline,” “Bonnie,” and “Looking Across Snow to the Convent,” Paterson Literary Review
“Her Small Book Open,” Clare, vol. 16

May 2015

Donna Emerson
“First Day of Kindergarten and Eleven Years Later,” Paterson Literary Review (Allen Ginsburg Poetry Contest, Honorable Mention) (to be published Summer 2016)
“Red Tulips,” CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature for Women, Vol. 28, Number 2

April 2015

Judith Day
Stupid Buddha The Otter, April-May 2015 (fiction)

Ed Coletti
“Marionette” and “Hypatia of Alexandria,” Dunes Review, April 18, 2015

Renee Owen
Manna,” first place 2014 Kilbride Memorial Haibun contest, Contemporary Haibun Online 11.1
“Visiting Hours,” Honorable Mention, 2014 San Francisco International Rengay Competition, and “Granddaughters” and “abalone shells,” Mariposa 32
“indian paintbrush,” Runner Up, The Haiku Calendar Competition 2015
“the white of my eyes,” Acorn #34
“cumulus clouds,” Modern Haiku 46.2

March 2015

Ed Coletti
“Along The Road,” “Die Wallen*,” and “Sex As a Plastic,” Meat For Tea, Vol. 9, Issue 1

Dan Coshnear
What Do You Want,” Your Impossible Voice, Issue #7 (story)

Judith Day
Royal Flush,” Persimmon Tree, Spring 2015 (story)

Donna Emerson
“Beside Salmon Creek,” winner of quarterly Literary Illuminations by Healdsburg Literary Guild
“When Stieglitz Came Between Us,” Passager Literary Journal, ISSN 1052-889X, editors Mary Azrael, Kendra Kopelke

Amanda Yskamp
Salamander,” Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Matter Press (flash fiction)

February 2015

Robert Bradford
Tip of the Hook,” Strange Encounters: Wordrunner eChapbooks, Winter 2015 (story)

Daniel Coshnear
Eight Men in a Box,” Gravel Literary Journal, February 2015 (story)

Barbara G. Hallowell
Bill,” Strange Encounters: Wordrunner eChapbooks, Winter 2015 (memoir)

Peg Alford Pursell
U+2204,” Eleven Eleven, Issue 18 (flash fiction)

January 2015

Judith Day
Sundown Side of the Rock,” Canyon Voices, Issue 10 (short story)

Donna Emerson
Jenner-By-The-Sea,” poem plus photo, LUX, Sarah Lawrence College
Photograph of Two Sisters: Before You Released Me From Your Life,” Pennsylvania English

Eve Goldberg
The Negro History Quilt Club of Marin City and Sausalito,” Magazine Americana (essay)

Carter Schwonke
Bruno’s Play,” Pif Magazine (short story)

December 2014

Gwynn O’Gara
If the Sky Was My Heart — California Poets in the Schools 2014 Anthology, “The Holdfast”
Westview (Summer 2014, SW Oklahoma St. Univ), “Cutting Back the Camphor Tree”

Renee Owen
Frogpond (Issue 38.1), “Study in Blue” (co-authored with John Thompson)
Modern Haiku (Issue 46.1), “spilled onion dye”; “turning my face”
MCAMFT Newsletter (Issue: Winter 2015), “Winter Stars”
NCGPS Newsletter (Issue: Winter 2015), “November Dusk”

Dave Seter
Quiddity, “My Horse Doesn’t Like People”

November 2014

Donna Emerson
Crone Magazine, “She Lay Asleep Wearing Oxygen,” “Knees and Toes,” and “Demeter’s Longing”
Marin Poetry Anthology, Fall 2014, “The First Time I Rode Bareback”

October 2014

Nancy Cavers-Dougherty
California Quarterly (Volume 40, Number 2), “Practicing The Plank”
(website under maintenance)

Ed Coletti
North American Review (Fall 2014), “split decisions (a love story)” (print edition only)
Kansas City Voices, “Peacock Redemption” (painting) (print edition only)
Lummox (Vol. 3), “Much More Than Roadkill” (print edition only)
California Quarterly (Vol. 40, Number 3), “Steve Jobs’ Glasses” (website under maintenance)

Donna Emerson
Pennsylvania English, October 2014, “Photograph of Two Sisters: Before You Released Me From Your Life”

September 2014

Sandra Anfang
West Trestle Review, “Task”

Ed Coletti
Meat For Tea: The Valley Review, “The Aisles of my Mind,” “Big Bill Giving Norman Greenbaum his just Due” and “It Was the Day “

Donna Emerson
The Chaffin, “Yo Yo Ma” and “Firebreak”

Praxis, Volume 24, SUNY, Oneonta, “Mildred Belle,” “Milking With Pearl” and “Becoming a Feminist at Twenty-Seven”

Renée Owen
Bottle Rockets, “Sentinels,” “Ex-Valentine,” “such stillness” and “water”
Mariposa, “Love Talk,” “the hummingbird’s wings” and “indian paintbrush”

August 2014

Ed Coletti
Curator Magazine, “Bologna Station Caffè”

Renée Owen
Modern Haiku, Issue 45.3, “Waiting in the E.R.” and “moon rising”

Clara Rosemarda
Culture Counter Magazine, “Saying Goodbye” and “Places”

July 2014

Ed Coletti
The Brooklyn Rail, “When I’m a Small Bird Floating” and “I’m Not Telling a Story, I’m Writing a Poem Damn It”

Renée Owen
Frogpond, Issue 37.2, “peeling me open” and “Autumn Dreams”
Haiku Society of America’s 2014 Anthology, “just a sliver”

Modern Haiku, Issue 45.2, “just a sliver” and “how to give up”

June 2014

Judith Day
Yellow Wallpaper: New Tales of Madness, “Life Sentence” (flash fiction)

Ed Coletti
Edwin E. Smith Quarterly Magazine, “Lying On a Chair Swing in August,” “Once Upon A Time In China,” “New Year’s Eve”

Donna Emerson
Slipstream, “Three Zebras”
Calyx: Volume 28, no. 2, “Red Tulips”
Quiddity, “Edward David”
Tower Journal, “Snowfall,” “Snow-Swept,” “Skating,” “Swimming to the Lighthouse”

Amanda Yskamp
Per Contra, “The Good She Did,” (flash fiction)

May 2014

Ed Coletti
Bohemia, “these old instrumental sugar blues”

Eve Goldberg
Hippocampus Magazine, “Watergate Summer” (memoir)

David Madgalene
Konch Magazine, “Gingerbread Boy”

Renee Owen
Haigaonline, volume XV issue 1, Featured Artist
“garden gryphon,” “summer breeze,” “our union,” “symphony”

Jo-Anne Rosen
Redux 129, “Intruders” (short story)

April 2014

All were published in the Ambush Review:

David Beckman
“She Sees Her Son Off to War”

Ed Coletti
“Schrödinger’s Cat”

Katherine Hastings
“from Love Poems for the NRA”

March 2014

Ed Coletti
Heyday Magazine:

“Take Care”
“Accordion Dirge”

Zombie Logic Review:
“Big Bill’s I-Ching of What Sex Is”
“Bukowski Makes Me Happy”
“Born Yesterday”
“When I Fall In Love”
“Please Aerate the Poetry”

Donna Emerson
Quiddity Literary Journal: “Edward David”
Sanskrit: “Morpheus”

Renee Owen
Acorn #32: “Northwind”
Contemporary Haibun #15 Anthology: “White Wings”

Catherine Sevenau
Syndic Literary Journal: “Golden Eagle Cafe” (narrative)

February 2014

Ed Coletti
Ghost Town Poetry (Vancouver, WA): “Perhaps Not Yet”

North American Review: “On Plumbing Following a Divorce”
Penny Ante Feud 13: “Dead Career”

Dan Coshnear
The Ginosko Anthology 2: “This” (short story)

David Madgalene
Ghost Town Poetry (Vancouver, WA): “Ghost Whores”

Michael Rothenberg
Ghost Town Poetry (Vancouver, WA): “May19: Forest News”

January 2014

Ed Coletti
So It Goes: Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library: “Monkey Business” and “The Queen’s Interlude”
Romance Magazine: “Anh” (short story)

Renée Owen
2nd place in the 11th Annual Jerry Kilbride Memorial 2013 English-Language Haibun Contest (sponsored by Central Valley Haiku Club): “Brennan’s Barkeep”

Jo-Anne Rosen
Pithead Chapel: “Miss Kelly Citation Tire” (short story)

Carter Schwonke
Red Moon District Anthology, published by Underground Voices (Dec 20, 2013): “Angelo’s Angle”

December 2013

Ed Coletti
Lilliput Review: “Question and Answer”
East Coast Literary Review: “tetzel box”
Lummox 2: “Reno Road”
Noir Nation: “S.O.B.” (fiction)

Arlene Mandell
Poets’ Espresso Review (Stockton): “The Word Lives On”
Golden Garden eNews (California State): “The Magic of Magnification” (essay)

Renée Owen
Frogpond: “close encounters”
“Around the Next Bend”
“Breathing Deep” (with John Thompson)
fear of dancing: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2013: “what I will miss”

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