Posted by: literaryfolk | April 3, 2015

Dear Literary Folk,

Within hours of posting the April 1 Update, I realized I had quite unintentionally misreported Adrienne Rich as passing away last week: a poet of such extraordinary powers, she could die twice! Once on March 27, 2012, and a second time on Facebook, where her obituary was enigmatically circulating, perhaps to note the anniversary.The correct date now appears in the post below.

I could claim it was an April Fool’s trick, but the only truth to that is I was your April Fool–the mind slipping ever-so-gently toward that southern hemisphere fishing village where, according to Billy Collins, the memories we used to harbor go to retire.

Looking ahead to the AWP Conference in Minneapolis, I’ve had a couple of requests to report back on this website, so I will attempt to do that, perhaps enlisting the help of those Sonoma County writers who’ll be making the trek. Stay tuned!

Terry Ehret, Sonoma County Literary Update Co-editor


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